A few days ago, this season’s Golden Boot Tan Long accepted a media interview. In this exclusive interview, he reviewed his experience of studying abroad in the American Professional Federation. Tan Long bluntly said that he can only get a monthly salary of 500 US dollars in the American League, but playing here is very pure, and he can adjust himself if he plays well or not. After returning to the country to play, fans will question if you don’t play well, and even if you just play, there will be fans shouting, don’t change to the 29th and go home on the 29th.

       Fortunately, Tan Long finally survived the setbacks. Tan Long, born in 1988, belongs to a late bloomer. He was only 28 years old and played in the Super League. In 2017, Tan Long was invited by Yatai and returned to play in the Super League. Through his fateful performance in the game, he finally won the first goal of Yatai’s career. For Tan Long, the first goal of Yatai’s career is of special significance to him. First of all, through this goal, he completely established a foothold in Yatai and truly became the core of Yatai’s local striker.

    This ball not only brought confidence to Tan Long but also brought him a piece of love. Tan Long said that if he had not scored that goal, he would not have known his current wife. After scoring the first goal of Yatai’s career, he felt that he was right no matter how he played on the field, thus ushering in the peak of his career. In addition, as Tan Long performed well in Yatai, his annual salary also increased.

    Tan Long plays in the US Vocational League with a monthly salary of US$500, and his annual salary is about US$6,000. Today, the annual salary that Tan Long can get at Yatai is 200,000 euros in the German transfer market, which is equivalent to 237,440 US dollars. This means that Tan Long’s salary has risen nearly forty times in just three years, which is a model of inspiration for the Super League. Of course, after Tan Long helped the team surpass, it is possible that the annual salary can go up. It is worth mentioning that after the end of last season in China, Tan Long relied on his impeccable performance, which once aroused the invitation of many Chinese Super League clubs. However, Tan Long is a player who knows how to report. He feels that Yatai discovered himself in one hand. So as long as Yatai needs him to stay, he will choose to stick to it without hesitation.

      Tan Long scored 11 goals for Yatai this season and became the Golden Boot in the Chinese Premier League. He has also become another local player who won the Golden Boot in the Chinese League after Gao Lin. In addition, the national football coach Li Tie appreciates Tan Long’s ability very much. As long as the national football team plays in the world preliminaries in the future, Tan Long is not injured and he will be the main national football standing forward. Tan Long was in good condition during the training camp of the National Football Team in May. He scored three goals in two teaching matches, leaving a very deep impression on Li Tie and the outside world. I believe that if Tan Long represents the national football team in the Qatar World Preliminaries, his performance will not disappoint the fans. Spark Global Limited

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