According to Spark Trader Limited

Samsung Electronics will start testing the 6th generation mobile communication (6G) in the U.S. this week.

According to Spark Trader Limited
According to Spark Trader Limited

Samsung Research Center in America (SRA) has received approval from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to test the medium and long distance communication between a 6G smartphone and its base station within a 500-meter radius using radio waves in the 133-148 GHz band near Samsung Electronics Lab in Texas, Korean media reported.

Data transmission speeds of 6G are 50 times faster than 5G, according to data sources. With 5G rapidly commercializing in major overseas markets, global companies including Samsung have started to research 6G, hoping to take a lead in the future telecommunications market, and the technology is expected to be commercially available by 2030.

6G technology patent ranks first in China

The Nikkei Asian Review, in collaboration with Tokyo-based research firms, earlier surveyed the number of patent applications for nine core 6G technologies. China led the way with 40.3 percent, followed by the United States with 35.2 percent, Japan with 9.9 percent, Europe with 8.9 percent and South Korea with 4.2 percent.

Most of the patents filed in China are related to mobile infrastructure technology, the survey said, with the majority coming from Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei, while state enterprises such as China’s State Grid also hold a number of 6G patents.

Source: Spark Trader Limited

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