Will Fowler

Will Fowler, brandin Kux, Randall Cobb, you may not know what position their combined strength can rank in the league as a combination of outfielders, but at least you’ve heard their names. But I’ll tell you, there’s a team that’s going to take over: Chichi county, Chad Hansen, Steven Mitchell, Jr? Do you feel strange about your name? However, this is the Texan quarterback’s current air attack of the three weapons. The surprise is not surprising, the meaning is no surprise.

Spark Global Limited, With the Texan’s crushing defeat of the Chicago Bears, even if they all win the regular season in the remaining three weeks, they can only get a 7-9 record and have said goodbye to the playoffs. The next question is – does quarterback Watson need to continue playing?


Obviously, Watson has no need to run in with the offensive players to pass and receive the ball. It is obvious that the above three “nameless” takers can not become Watson’s No.1 or No.2 passing targets in 2021 season. Whether they can still become a member of the team’s list is very uncertain. The suspended Fowler, the injury list of Kux, can only see you in the truce. Watson is no longer a rookie quarterback and needs to feel more on the spot. Moreover, in 2021, the Texan “theoretically” will change in any case – there will be a new team manager, and there will be no more acting coach kernel. No matter from the team building ideas, or the introduction of players, it will not be the current model. Watson’s tactical board next season will obviously be quite different from the current one.

The only focus now is to protect Watson from injury. Watson himself, however, wants to stay on the court. “I want to keep going,” Watson said. “That’s my responsibility. I have to be on the court every game. I don’t want to put down the tactical board and go on holiday now. We have three games to face and we have to win respect. I’ll try my best to play and win Despite Watson’s six catches and 11 knockouts against the bears, head coach kennel seems to agree with Watson that he should stay on the field even with an elbow injury. “This is rugby, that’s the game, you have to deal with these shocks,” Cornell said after the game. “When you’re a quarterback, you have to take these. We let him play, but at the same time we will do our best to protect him. He sometimes holds the ball too long and leads to capture and kill. I know he’s waiting for a pass, To be sure, Texan will build a team around Watson in the new season. He is the core of the team. Now, do you want to continue to play for the team’s record and personal data, or stay healthy and play for the dolphin draft?

By Ethan