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According to ESPN reporter Werner rosky, free agent Schroeder has agreed to sign a one-year contract with Celtic.

Schroeder joined the green army for 5.9 million a year and rejected the Lakers’ offer of 80 million for four years

Before, there were many news that green army and Schroeder were interested in each other, but the former could only provide a short-term contract of one or two years, while the latter still sought a contract with higher annual salary and longer service life.

According to Woshen, the Celtics signed Schroeder with a mini middle class contract worth $5.9 million. Previously, Schroeder wanted to get more than 9 million full middle class exceptions from the Celtics, but obviously the green army did not agree, because the latter’s total salary has exceeded the salary cap. If the full middle class is used, it will trigger the hard salary cap and set a great obstacle to future operation.

At the same time, Schroeder has posted a photo of himself in the green army shirt on his personal Ig, and the article said, “I am proud to announce that I will play for Celtic next season. This is one of the best clubs in NBA history. It’s a great honor to wear green and white robes and do what I like to do. I stand on the court every day and do my best. ”

Obviously, this is Schroeder’s serious failure, which greatly misjudged his market. Last season, he refused to give the Lakers a four-year contract renewal of 84 million. He thought he was worth 25 million a year and wanted to seek a multi-year contract of 100 million yuan. But in the end, no one cares about him in the market, and he can only succumb to the green army at the price of mini middle class.

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Schroeder regretted for rejecting the Lakers, and lost 78.1 million in an instant

According to Boston local media reporter mark Murphy, Schroeder regretted his wrong decision last season. “He is very heartache and needs time to heal. After rejecting the Lakers’ four-year 84 million contract extension, he is now in a state of shock. ”

At the same time, the report also revealed that Schroeder is only interested in a one-year contract, wants to prove his worth next season, and then strive to seek a good contract in the market next year.

By Ethan