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Finally, the fate of free agent Schroeder was settled. He signed a short contract of $5.9 million a year with Celtic. He paid a heavy price due to his major miscalculation.

According to ESPN reporter wernarowski, the green army finally signed Schroeder with a mini middle-class exception of 5.9 million. Last season, he refused the four-year 84 million contract renewal sent by the Lakers. He thought his value was starting from an annual salary of 25 million and wanted to seek a multi-year 100 million yuan contract. But in the end, no one cares about him in the market, and he can only succumb to the green army at the price of mini middle class.

In this way, Schroeder lost 78.1 million in an instant, which can be said to be a great difference.

According to Boston local media reporter mark Murphy, Schroeder regretted his wrong decision last season. “He is very heartache and needs time to heal. After rejecting the Lakers’ four-year 84 million contract extension, he is now in a state of shock. ”

At the same time, the report also revealed that Schroeder is only interested in a one-year contract, wants to prove his worth next season, and then strive to seek a good contract in the market next year.

But anyway, it’s too difficult for Schroeder to get the fat contract given by the Lakers last season. In fact, he did not participate in this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games on behalf of the German men’s basketball team because he wanted to seek a 100 million yuan contract, because the German Basketball Association was unable to admit the insurance expenses incurred according to the 100 million yuan valuation contract.

By Ethan