shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

During the off-season this year, Dennis Schroeder encountered a lot of ridicule, because last season, the media reported that he rejected the 84 million contract offered by the Lakers and just wanted a bigger contract, but in the off-season, he finally signed only 5.9 million a year.

On the media day of the new season, Schroeder clarified his view on abandoning the big contract. He said the Lakers have never officially issued a contract. “We are talking, but I have never officially received this offer.”

Schroeder also said that he and his agent did decide not to sign with the Lakers. “I personally feel that I must find an environment where I can play comfortably. I appreciate the Lakers management, but for me, I am not 100% suitable for there.”

Schroeder said that LeBron and Davis are one of the strongest players, “but I can’t contribute all my abilities. For me and my family, I signed a good contract after the fourth year, and we can have good living conditions. I’m 28 now and can play in the NBA for a long time. Money is not everything.”

Schroeder has been very euphemistic. It’s not that he hasn’t signed a ten million contract, and he’s not short of money. Although $84 million is greedy, Schroeder can still return to such a value with the performance of the new season, so he has adjusted his mentality now, which is obviously what professional players should do.

By Ethan