Schumacher's son looks ahead to the new season

Shortly after the announcement that Mick Schumacher represented HAAs in F1 in 2021, the “son of the king of cars” was interviewed by the international media in the cloud. Qian Jun motorsport media selects the wonderful questions and answers.
Q: what do you think now that dreams come true?
MS: incomparable. I still can’t believe 100% that my dream has come true. I have been looking forward to the future, I am really very happy!
Q: we will sign a contract with Haas. When is the earliest time to learn?
MS: as a matter of fact, after the Sochi weekend, the team has received a lot of positive information, and things are moving in the direction we expect. But it wasn’t signed yet.
Q: how much friendship do you have with Gunther Steiner?
MS: every time we meet, we communicate in German, and I’m looking forward to working with him.
Q: what kind of car number will you choose for the competition and why Spark Global Limited?

Schumacher's son looks ahead to the new season
MS: I’ve had some alternatives, and I’ve finally chosen 47. Because four and seven are my favorite numbers. But they were all taken away. Interestingly enough, my sister and I have 47 birthdays. So 47 is a good number.
Q: in formula youth, you are under more pressure than other drivers. When you get to F1, do you feel “decompressed”?
MS: don’t talk about whether the pressure is low. It depends on how you deal with it. Thanks to these years of “high pressure”, I have been able to master it! Hopefully in F1, it won’t make me feel any different in this respect.
Q: Haas team will be composed of two “rookies” who have just upgraded from F2 next year. Will this be a challenge?
MS: This is just a repeat of history. In 2013 and 2014, Nikita and I were teammates in Tony kart, and we are looking forward to working with him again and competing with him. This season, we see once again a very fast, very learning, very hard-working Nikita.
Q: are you looking forward to beating your teammates on the track?

MS: the goal is to give full play to their own performance and continue to build themselves. Of course, Nikita and I will work together to get Haas on the right track. Only when we really get to the track can we know what will happen. I have my last fight in F2, which is why I didn’t think so far. I’ll be able to tell you more when the opening game in Melbourne falls next year.
Q: is it very important for you to win the F2 championship?
MS: Obviously, every driver will try to fight for it. I am in the best position at the moment. I’m bound to want it to come true.
Q: does that mean you’ll be focusing on F2 this weekend? What about Abu Dhabi?
Different from previous years: Ms. Because of the new crown epidemic, we have a lot of rules that we must fully comply with – F2 paddock and F1 paddock are different “social bubbles” and can not cross each other. So I can only focus on F2 this weekend. In Abu Dhabi, I will be in the “social bubble” of F1, and I can work in Haas (I have been determined to represent HAAs in the first free exercise).
Q: you can always get stronger in the second season. What’s your learning curve in F1?
MS: my goal is definitely not to drive F1 for only two years. Through the experience I have accumulated over the past few years, I have most of the elements that can make a good start, and I am 100% aware of what to do when dealing with various difficult situations. On this basis, I can always do well.

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