The 2020 snooker championship is currently in progress. This year, there are two ranking events, the Scottish Open and the World Grand Prix. Recently, the world Taiwan Federation announced the signing table of the Scottish Open. None of the top 16 players in the world is absent. 21 Chinese legions have signed up for the competition. After the end of the Scottish Open, the top 32 players in a single season will win the World Grand Prix Qualification. The Scottish Open is the third leg of the local series, and next year there will be another Welsh Open. This season, the champion of the English Open and the Northern Ireland Open has been won by the world’s No.1 trump, with a prize of 70000. The defending champion is Mark Selby, who won the championship in the last 9-6 war, and the top 16 players in the world, Gilbert and lisov Skey doesn’t have a ranking championship.

Defending champion Selby played yuan Sijun in the first round of quarter, Lisovsky against Oliver Raines, Mark Allen against Jimmy white, Maguire against Zac Schultz, and six Chinese players, Zhou Yuelong against Peter Raines, Xiao Guodong against McManus, Gaoyang against Dun Jones, Lu Haotian against Gary Wilson and Xu Si against mark Joyce Pang jun xu vs. Ricky Wharton.
In the first round of division 2 / 4, Robertson played Chinese youngster Rapidan, Karen Wilson against Lichtenberg, Yan bingo against Jack Jones, Gilbert against Matthew Stevens, and four Chinese players, Zhao Xintong against rod Lawler, Zhao Jianbo against kappa Ze Filipiak, fan Zhengyi against Heidfeld, and Si Jiahui against hiscot. Robertson and Wilson have only four players One person can make it to the top four.

Trump played Sandbach in the first round of the third quarter, Mark Williams against Clemens, Bingham against Ben Hancock, Higgins against wahdi, four Chinese players, Luo Honghao against Li Xing, Liang Wenbo against David Li Li, Chen Zifan against mark king. Ding Junhui played Mark Davis, O’Sullivan against Allen Taylor, Murphy against David grace, tazia against Michael Krum in the first round of zone 4 / 4, and there were three Chinese players, Lu Ning vs. Riley Parsons, Tian Pengfei against Martin Gould, Chang Bingyu against Rafael dahdi, and Donaldson against Michael White in the first round in the same district. There was no surprise. He will play with Ding Jun Hui met in the third round. The competition in the second half of the zone is fierce. Only one of Trump, O’Sullivan, Higgins, Mark Williams, Ding Junhui, and Murphy can make it to the final. Ding Junhui is not easy to play, and Donaldson is a test. It is expected that China’s first brother will end the three consecutive defeats between the two sides. It is easy for the low-ranking players to have a chance to win in 7 games and 4 games We have to speak with our strength spark global limited.

By Ethan