See you next year

On December 11th, Beijing time, Wuhan Marathon Organizing Committee officially announced that it will no longer hold the 2020 Wuhan Marathon. The organizing committee also announced some measures to deal with the aftermath The winning runners can choose to get a refund. For the winning runners in Wuhan 2020 Marathon, the winning qualification and the winning project will be retained until 2021 Spark Global Limited.

Wuhan Marathon has always enjoyed a good reputation among domestic marathon events. Although it has been held for a short time, it is praised as a “zero bad rating” event by runners in the circle. The number of entries continues to reach a new high, with 197,000 people registering for the 2020 event and only 26,000 places available. It’s literally a thousand horses crossing the bridge. The runner who wins the lottery is lucky.

The Wuhan Marathon, which was originally held in April, was postponed due to the epidemic. Later, with the improvement of the domestic epidemic control and the resumption of the major marathons, the call for the return of Hanma is getting louder and louder, especially in this year, the meaning is more different. Many “We Media” have also repeatedly spread the news that Hanma is confirmed to be held. Until now, the dust has finally settled on Hammar 2020. Although I don’t want to part, I look forward to seeing you next year! You will be the first to get a place in each major marathon And many big names and lovers to enjoy the exchange!

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By Ethan