Sell captain again! Arsenal are fed up with him-Spark Global Limited

Spark Global Limited On December 15, Beijing time, according to the daily mail of England, Arsenal is willing to sell Zaca, a Swiss midfield player. Although he is Arteta’s main force, performance has been criticized. In the last round of the Premier League, Arsenal lost 0-1 to Burnley and suffered five rounds. Originally, the Gunners had a certain advantage on the scene, but zaca lost his cool, locked his opponent, and was sent off with a direct red card. One person less, they immediately fell into a passive, and finally a small negative. After the game, Arteta said frankly that Sacha’s behavior was “unacceptable” Spark Global Limited.

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In fact, there are too many “unacceptable” behaviors of zacha. In October last year, he was replaced in the battle against Crystal Palace. After being booed by gun fans, he even blundered at the fans, causing great controversy. Although he apologized afterwards, he was also considered to be insincere. In the North London derby in September of the same year, he unnecessarily shoved down sun Xingyao in his own restricted area and sent a penalty kick, which made famous gun fans DT furious: “sorry! I’m really fed up with it! ” Of course, the most “powerful” is his ability to get cards. Since joining Arsenal, he has taken 37 yellow cards and 4 red cards, a total of 40. During the same period, only Romeo has more cards than him, only Fernando has more red cards (4).

Short-tempered, hot-headed, and losing his cool head, this is Zaca. He is not worthy of the armband of Arsenal. Like Henry, I believe many gun fans will be angry to turn off the TV when they see him wearing the captain’s armband. So it’s a good thing that Arsenal is willing to sell him.

By Ethan