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Liaoning women’s volleyball team lost to Shandong women’s volleyball team and won the sixth place in the competition for the fifth and sixth place in the Chinese women’s volleyball Super League from 2020 to 2021.

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In this way, Yan Ni, Ding Xia, Wang Yimei and so on all ended the journey of women’s Volleyball League.


After the match, Ding Xia, Zhu Ting’s good sister and the main setter of the national team, said helplessly:


1) Finally finished the whole season, sixth place, just the same as the goal;


2) Before the game, the fans thought we would win the championship, which was too optimistic. Zhu Ting, Tianjin Women’s volleyball team and so on were too powerful;


3) We still think there are some physical problems, after all, the schedule is very intensive. I’m 31 years old, too!


4) After the game, I want to take a vacation first, and then put it into the Liaoning team training. The 2021 National Games is also very important;


5) Lang Dao, head coach of the national team, has been watching the games. As for the preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games, I obey the arrangement of the organization. I love the position of setter.


The fans really sigh


Ding Xia, you try your best, don’t blame yourself.


Dingxia is too difficult, a pass flying all over the sky, which set can not be changed, Liaoning team’s main attacker is too poor, next season lead strong attacker Liaoning team will be better


In fact, the strength of Liaoning team is not poor, but the coach has no good combination! Now the Liaoning team is especially like the 96 cycle national team. The secondary attack is strong Yanni, Hu Mingyuan (Lai director, Cui Yongmei), and the second setter Ding Xia (He Qi). The edge attack is weaker. But at that time, Lang director showed the potential of two main attacks, Sun Yue and Li Yan! Also maintain the world’s top three levels, 95 World Cup third, 96 Olympic Games second, 98 World Championships second! It’s still the coach’s problem!


Liaoning women’s volleyball team lacks Zhu Ting, but Ding Xia has a good setter. If Zhu Ting really joins Liaoning women’s volleyball team, it will be the most popular champion


It is undeniable that Ding Xia is the strongest setter in China at present. Yesterday, she watched the previous Olympic Games. She took off with one hand. This year’s league tournament did not see Ding Xia’s jumping so well. Her age is unavoidable for athletes! Old, Zhu Ting#


Unfortunately, these absolute main players of Liaoning women’s volleyball team, Ding Xia, Yan Ni and Hu Mingyuan, were delayed by the coach. Liaoning women’s volleyball team should follow the example of women’s basketball team. Let’s walk. Liaoning three big ball finally left a man’s basketball team, or, provincial distraction.


Zhu Ting also estimated that after 30, the physical fitness of female athletes dropped sharply. Not only volleyball but also other exciting sports were the same. If their physical fitness failed to keep up with the technology, it would inevitably be affected. If you look at the decline speed of Liu Xiaotong and Zeng Chunlei, you can see that age is not forgiven. The decline of Ding’s competitive level is directly related to physical fitness, which will inevitably affect the normal play of Liaoning team. If you are old, you will not admit it You can’t.


If the second setter has the ability to pass one after another, there is no way to do it. If Zhu Ting goes to Liaoning, or Ding Xia goes to Beijing, Beijing will win the league championship. Because the technical level of other players in Liaoning is too poor. No matter how good a setter is, it’s hard to make it.


The editor thinks that:


Support Ding Xia, support the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, and good sister Zhu Ting together to defend the gold medal


Then Ding Xia and Yan Ni held a retirement ceremony together.


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