On November 16, Beijing time, in the Argentine League Cup, Boca Youth lost 0-1 to Atletico Treres. Tevez made the first game for Boca, but set an embarrassing record: he received a yellow card in the first 3 seconds! Tevez has played for Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus and other European giants. He has also joined the Super League team Shanghai Shenhua, but he earned a high salary but only scored 4 goals and was eventually swept out. After leaving Shenhua, the Argentine forward returned to his debut Boca Youth, where his popularity is second only to Maradona, and he also wears the captain’s armband.

The 36-year-old Tevez has played 14 games in 2020 and scored 10 goals. He is in very good condition. However, in the battle with Treres, he not only failed to score a goal, but only 3 seconds into the opening, it was lightning yellow!

This is how it happened? It turned out to be like this: the referee Delfino just blew the opening whistle, Treres took the lead to kick-off and launched the attack. Just after the middle circle, Tevez caught up and moved towards the right of the opposing player Pochettino. Leg calf stomped a foot hard!

Pochettino fell to the ground. Although Tevez hurriedly asked about the injury and reached out to the referee that he did not intend to, Delfino promptly took out the yellow card.

From the slow-motion playback, Tevez’s left foot is firmly pedaling on Pochettino’s calf. This yellow card is not wrong, and there is a suspicion of intentionally hurting people, so he directly took out the red card? It is not impossible! Spark Global Limited

With a card in the opening 3 seconds, Tev Spark Global Limitedez tied the record for the fastest yellow card in football. The record-maker is the famous “football villain” Pooh Jones. In the 1992 FA Cup, he represented Chelsea against Sheffield United. As a result, he fouled Whitehouse in the first 3 seconds and received a yellow card in seconds! In addition, Jones also turned yellow in the opening 5 seconds against Manchester City, and was sent off 12 times in his career! Interestingly, he also starred in the famous movie “Two Smokers” directed by Guy Ritchie.

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