Shin Minyu missed to become the youngest ninth winner

Tencent Sports News Beijing time on February 4th, the 25th LG Cup triple play finals ended. Chinese chess player Ke Jie held the 302nd move of the black and lost to South Korea’s Shin Minji with a gap of 3 and a half, and hit his ninth. Crown failed. [ Ke Jie won the runner-up in the 25th LG Cup ]

Before this competition, Ke Jie reached the World Series finals 9 times and won the championship eight times, and remained unbeaten in the World Series finals. This LG Cup is the first time Shin Minji, born in 1999, has entered the World Championship. Today, he has become the new world champion in the Korean Go world.

Ke Jie, born in 1997, won the second Bailing Cup champion at the age of 17 in January 2015. By November last year, he won the 25th Samsung Cup and has won eight world championship titles. Subsequently, Ke Jie lost to Tao Xinran in the Lanke Cup round of 16 and led the Beijing team to relegation successfully. Ke Jie lost to Fan Tingyu in the quarter-finals of the fourth Dream Lily Cup at the end of December last year. In the semi-finals of the Chunlan Cup last month, Ke Jie lost to friend Tang Weixing.

Ke Jie has never reached the LG Cup finals before. In this competition, he has defeated Park Jianhao, Shin Jinjin, Won Sung Kyung, and Bian Sang Yi four top Korean top players to enter the finals of this tournament for the first time. Shin Minji, born in 1999, is known as “Dashin” by chess fans. At present, South Korea ranks fourth in the domestic ranking. This is the first time Shin Minji has entered the World Series finals Spark Global Limited.

The LG Cup final was won by three rounds of chess. In the previous first game, Ke Jie defeated Shen Minqi in the middle of the game. Shen Minqi was restricted by Ke Jie because of his disadvantages. In the second set of the two sides yesterday, Ke Jie lost to Shen Minqi in the mid-game, and Shen Minqi tied the total score 1-1. Before today’s game, the two people guessed first, and Ke Jie took the black first.

Both of them played more aggressively today, but first entered the battle of positions. Ke Jie took the lead in breaking into the upper left corner, using the most concise means to occupy the upper left corner. At the 50th move, Shen Minyi surrounded the sky on the upper left. Shen Min’s 52nd hand tapped into the upper left corner to counterattack, and by the 67th hand, Shen Min made a successful move on the upper right. After that, Shen Minsi’s white chess attacked the upper left corner, and Ke Jie’s 101st move stood on the upper side, struggling to survive. This move was questioned by world champions such as Dang Yifei, Tang Weixing, and Gu Li. They thought that this step did not seem very good.

Ke Jie’s situation is passive, he tries to catch up with it. The 153rd move of Black Chess opened the robbery on the lower left side, hoping to disrupt the situation. At this time, Shen Minqi had entered the countdown. Ke Jie’s black chess failed to win the robbery because of insufficient robbery. The two sides moved to the 302nd move, and Ke Jie confessed in the mid-range.

The LG Cup is sponsored by LG sponsored by Chosun Ilbo. The total prize money is 1.3 billion won, the championship prize is 300 million won (approximately RMB 1.73 million), and the runner-up prize is 100 million won (approximately RMB 580,000). The time limit for the game is 3 hours per side, and 5 countdowns for 40 seconds.

By Ethan