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People who do weight training can choose many different supplements to improve their performance in the gym. For example, you can choose protein powder to promote muscle growth and repair, creatine to increase muscle and strength, and coffee extract to improve alertness and strength output.
Coffee extract is one of the few supplements that are frequently studied; research has shown that it can have a positive effect on the performance of various weightlifters. This is not to say that coffee extraction has the same positive effects for everyone, but if you try to use coffee extraction, then you are likely to see some positive effects in the gym.
In this article, we will introduce coffee extract in detail and try to answer various questions, including its intake, time of intake, and its impact on sports performance. Before taking any new supplements, you should consult a health professional first to ensure that you use these supplements with peace of mind.

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What is coffee extract?
Ironically, although coffee extract is one of the most consumed ingredients in the world, few people who are accustomed to ingesting it will really know what it is. Whether you take coffee extract because of morning habits or for athletic performance, you should understand what this ingredient is.
Coffee extract, also known as 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, is a natural stimulant. Its sources include cocoa plants, guarana berries, kola nuts, coffee beans and tea leaves. It is said that the word coffee extract (caffeine) comes from the French word cafe and the German word kaffee. These two words mean coffee extraction. Regarding the origin of the use of coffee extraction, historians believe that as early as 2700 BC, humans had ingested coffee extraction in the form of brewing tea. To
Coffee extract can improve the alertness of the brain and nervous system. It is this increased level of perception that allows many people to take coffee extracts to avoid fatigue and improve their ability to stay alert in the moment. In addition, taking a proper amount of coffee extract is believed to help improve physical stamina and delay the appearance of fatigue.
How much coffee extract should I consume?To optimize athletic performance through the intake of coffee extract, the amount required can vary considerably. In fact, some studies have pointed out that for healthy people, this range can range from 3-9 mg per kilogram of body weight. To
As long as you understand that the “best” intake of coffee extract can vary widely from individual to individual, you can better formulate the intake that will produce actual benefits for you and your performance. Coffee extract usually has two effects on the human body, including strengthening and weakening.
 Reinforcement means improving performance.
 Weakening means to weaken performance.
For some people, ingesting a certain level of coffee extract can strengthen or weaken their performance. In addition, coffee extraction has no effect on some people. This situation is relatively rare, but it is also a possible result after ingesting coffee extract. To
How much coffee extract a person takes in order to produce strengthening and weakening effects is affected by many factors. For example, personal physiological conditions, environment, history and even performance settings will affect the effects derived from different amounts of coffee extraction (whether positive or negative). To
When formulating coffee extract intake, personal factors must be considered objectively. Everyone must understand that pre-workout supplements containing 300 mg of coffee extract may not have the same effect on every weight training person. In addition, the tolerance to coffee extraction must also be considered. Consumers of habitual coffee extracts may need to consume more coffee extracts than normal before engaging in sports competitions in order to derive the fortifying benefits. To
So, this leaves us with a question: how do we determine the best intake for us? In a study focusing on lower coffee extract intake, researchers pointed out that coffee extract intake between 2 to 3 milligrams per kilogram of body weight can produce 3.9% and 2.9% of fortification benefits, respectively.
The above information may be useful because for people who are not used to taking coffee extract, choosing to start with a lower intake may help to understand the individual’s critical level. In some cases, lower intake can help improve performance.
In addition to lower intakes, studies have also shown that intakes of more than 3 milligrams per kilogram of body weight can help improve performance. In fact, some studies have pointed out that an intake of 6 milligrams per kilogram of body weight has a positive effect on endurance performance. To
These research data are very consistent with the situation of habitual coffee extraction consumers. They need a slightly higher intake to experience the potent benefits of coffee extract on sports performance. If less than 3 mg per kilogram of body weight is the normal intake, then the range of 3-6 mg may be a good try for them.

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