shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

76 people held a media day today and nbid was interviewed.

Speaking of the series against the eagles last season, nbid said: “I need to perform better. In the G7 against the eagles last season, I made several mistakes and missed a few goals; in the G4, I also missed a key layup. I need to perform better. Such a performance will not happen again.”

Asked if he regretted having said something about Simmons’ turning point, nbid said: “I just believe that round was the turning point of the game, so that’s my answer.”

After being eliminated by the eagles, enbid said frankly that Simmons did not choose to pass the ball to two free throws and one in is the turning point of the game.

Speaking of the new season, nbid said: “I may throw more three points because I think it can help the team.”

Last season, enbid scored 58 of 154 three-point goals, with a hit rate of 37.7%.

By Ethan