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spark limited reports:

Reported on September 9:

76 man home guard Simmons has officially asked to leave the team, but he seems stubborn and unwilling to cooperate with the 76 man’s trade.

ESPN reporter wenhorst recently revealed in a TV program that Simmons is unwilling to cooperate with the 76ers and does not intend to reshape his trading value.

“One of Simmons’ signals to Philadelphia is that it is not his job to repair his trading value, nor is it his job to correct or improve his trading value. For him, this is not an option he wants to do. Therefore, I think he has no intention to participate in helping trade and repairing some situations.”

At present, judging from the market situation, Simmons’ trading value is at a low point, because he performed poorly in the playoffs last season, especially when he gave up the empty basket and chose to pass the ball under the basket, which has aroused great controversy. The 76ers had quoted prices for many teams, and some buyers participated, but many homes were deterred because the quotation was too high.

Obviously, Simmons is unwilling to help the team trade now, which will make it very difficult for him to leave Philadelphia. Because if he is willing to help the team, he can actively communicate with other teams, such as explaining why his performance was bad last season, what improvements he has made in the off-season this year, and where his style advantage is.

By Ethan