spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

September 1 – Ben Simmons has told the team that he doesn’t want to play for the 76ers anymore, according to Keith Pompey, a 76ers columnist and team reporter.

In addition, Keith also revealed that Simmons plans not to report to the team at the training camp.

Keith Pompey also quoted a paragraph from a Western Executive about Benxi’s current situation in his latest report.

A western executive said: “three months ago, we only heard that 76 people wanted to trade Benxi, but now the difference from three months ago is that Benxi doesn’t want to play for 76 people anymore. He wants to go to three California teams. His relationship with the 76ers is very bad. ”

The 76ers’ team reporter Jason Dumas followed up: “it is revealed that teres Maxi is likely to be part of the Ben Simmons transaction. The agent rich Paul wants his customers to leave Philadelphia 76ers.”

“Some local Philadelphia companies planned to cooperate with Maxi to participate in some community activities, but they have been told that the plan is cancelled. If Maxi wants to leave, rich Paul won’t want him to take root in Philadelphia.” The reporter wrote.

By Ethan