spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

September 1 – according to previous reports, Simmons has told the team that he no longer wants to play for the 76ers.

According to the 76ers team reporter Keith Pompey, Simmons was dissatisfied with the remarks made by 76ers coach rivers Sr. in the playoffs.

In the second round of 76ers vs hawks in the eastern playoffs last season, Simmons was troubled by free throws, and Rivers said in a post game interview: “I’m not sure whether Simmons can be competent as the point guard of the championship team.”

The reporter said: “obviously, Ben is very depressed about this. He is very angry. He feels like he has been abandoned by Lao Li.”

Keith Pompey, a 76 man team reporter, wrote: “Simmons knows very well that 76 people can impose a fine on him because he insists on not participating in the training camp. But a source said that money will not play a role in Simmons’ decision-making. Simmons has $147 million left in his contract for four years. ”

“In addition, if Simmons is fined, it may strain the relationship between the 76ers and his super agent rich Paul, who are currently interested in a rich Paul client in the free market.

By Ethan