spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

Reported on September 5:

76 man home guard Simmons has officially asked for a trade to leave the team, and the training camp will begin soon. Whether he can report in the training camp as scheduled has become the next focus.

ESPN reporter wenhorst revealed that if Simmons can’t report to the team in time, he may be fined $227000 for every day he misses the training camp.

“If 76 people want to punish Simmons, the fine will reach $1.3 million per week. However, on the one hand, Simmons has told me that they are ready for such a possibility. ”

Next, the training camp will start on September 28 local time, which means that if Simmons doesn’t report in time, he may suffer heavy penalties. Simmons will receive his first paycheck on November 15 this year. If 76 people want to punish him, they can deduct income directly from the check.

Obviously, if the 76ers really punish Simmons, it will certainly annoy the latter and aggravate the situation. Last season, harden also forced the palace team to trade before the season, and did not report to the training camp as scheduled, but there was no news that the Rockets punished him.

There is also news that 76 president Morey is still asking a high price for trading Simmons, which will bring great difficulty to the transaction. Previously, the 76ers asked for too much chips for trading Simmons, which made many teams retreat.

By Ethan