Simmons wins new division dunk King King

Beijing time on March 8, Xinke “dunk King King” was born, from the pioneer of anfini Simmons won the crown.

Simmons wins new division dunk King King


This year, there are only three competitors: anfini Simmons from the pioneers, Cassius Stanley from the Pacers and Obi Torpin from the Knicks.


First action:


Stanley is more common to change hands in the air, only 44 points.


Torpin was more creative. After hitting the ground, the ball went through his crotch and then dunked, scoring 48 points.


Simmons first fixed a small basket on the backboard, took the ball from above and dunked, scoring 46 points.


Second action:


Stanley failed three times in a row. At last, he rebounded with one hit and ended with one hand smash. The response was flat, with only 37 points.


Simmons put on T-Mac’s jersey when he was in raptors. After receiving the ball, he turned to dunk 360 degrees to pay homage to T-Mac in 2000. That’s 49 points.


Tuoping’s design action was “pole vault”. He took Randall’s shoulder in one hand and leaped over Randall and another cooperator, scoring 46 points.


In the final, Torpin vs Simmons.


There is no score in the final, and five judges directly choose the winner.


Toeping took off from inside the free throw line and slammed in the middle of the glide.


Simmons used a simple action, jump after Pro basket action, and then dunk.


Three judges chose Simmons to become the “dunk King King” of Xinke.

By Ethan