There are traitors in Barcelona's dressing room! 4

The 16th round of La Liga ended many games. As a result, Real Madrid drew 1-1 with Elche and gave a big gift to Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid have no chance to draw with Atletico Madrid. They are still two points behind in two more games. The result in 2020 is perfect for Atletico Madrid. They are very hopeful to win the La Liga title again in seven years. Real missed another chance. The 13th minute, Marcelo’s shot hit the lintel. In the 20th minute, Real Madrid scored first. After Arsenio hit the crossbar, Modric followed up with a header. But the first 52 minutes, Elche adjust the state, Federer fine a penalty, catch up to 1-1 draw. The 62nd minute, Lucas – Boye’s goal hits the post to slide out. In the end, Real Madrid failed to win 1-1.


It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid have been sentenced to six penalties in the last nine league matches, equating the number of penalties that they have been called off in the previous 65 league matches. Playing too relaxed has put Real Madrid in a difficult position to win the title again.

For Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid didn’t win. Their advantage at the top of the table is more obvious. Against hetafe’s competition, saw the custom 1-0 victory. In the 20th minute of the first half, kalasco assisted Suarez to head the goal and Atletico Madrid took the lead! After joining Atletico Madrid, Suarez scored eight goals in 11 games, equating Falcao’s best start record of the century for Atletico Madrid players.

Spark Global Limited, In the second half, Yi Bian fought again, and hetafe’s attack was more fierce. In the 62nd minute, Mata went straight into the penalty area and shot higher again. Finally, Atletico Madrid won three consecutive victories 1-0 and ranked first in the table! Simonizzi is unbeaten against hertafe 18 times in Atletico Madrid, scoring 34 goals and losing 0. What is crushing? This is rolling! Atletico’s advantage in the table is still 2 points, but don’t forget, Atletico’s less than 2 games, Real Madrid’s backwardness is still very obvious.

By Ethan