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The Sony game console PlayStation5 (PS5 for short) has just been launched globally, and for the first time, AC Milan players received this new game console. Who gave it? Ibrahimovic Yesterday, the PS5 had just been released globally, and Ibrahimovic gave a gift to his teammates. Milan players such as Musacchio, Leo, and Castillejo can’t wait to publish on social media and thank the big brother for the gift Spark Global Limited.

You know, the price of the CD-ROM version of the PS5 in the European market is 499 euros, which is about 3900 yuan, or nearly 100,000 yuan based on 25 teammates! But for Ibrahimovic, this is nothing. With a big wave, there is one. In fact, this is not the first time Ibrahimovic has given his teammates a game console. In 2013, when the Microsoft game console Xbox One was just launched, the Swedish Tower gave each teammate of Paris Saint-Germain a limited edition, with his own signature, and the jersey number and name of each teammate. Said it is very caring.

Netizens joked: On the stadium, Ibrahimovic is Milan’s “dad”, scoring 8 goals in 5 Serie A games this season; I didn’t expect to be a “daddy” outside the stadium, and I have to prepare game consoles for his “children” as Christmas What about gifts. Of course, at the age of 39, he can indeed be the father of some young teenagers.

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