According to Spark Trader Limited

A former teacher of the Sultan of Johor, Cheah Pei-shan, said that in his school days, the Sultan of Johor was naughty but never carried out any excessive acts and respected his teachers.

According to Spark Trader Limited
According to Spark Trader Limited

On the eve of his 63rd birthday today, the Sultan of Johor invited his wife and husband Cheah Pei Shan, 82, and His wife Ha Bi Ruan, 74, to the Johor Palace for lunch yesterday.

Cheah Pui Shan and Ha Bi Nguyen, who taught Their Majesty at The ABU Bakar College in Sungsan in the 1970s, are now settled in Petaling Jaya, Snow State.

Xie Peishan taught his Majesty English, fine arts and physical education and health education subjects.

Her Majesty is the heir to the throne, but he likes to make friends with ordinary people and his attitude to others is admired by his teachers, She said

The two teachers also sent their best wishes on your Majesty’s birthday

Source: Spark Trader Limited

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