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China Women’s volleyball Super League in 2020-2021 season has ended the competition for the top four, the fifth and the sixth place. In the two matches of the top four, Tianjin Women’s volleyball team and Jiangsu women’s volleyball team defeated their rivals respectively and joined the finals smoothly. In the final of the fifth and sixth place, Shandong women’s volleyball team beat Liaoning 2-0 with the total score to get the fifth, while Liaoning women’s volleyball team ranked sixth.

However, it is a pity that another women’s volleyball champion auxiliary attack ushered in the League farewell time. After the seven or eight finals a few days ago, Li Jing, Wang Na and Wang Huimin, three veteran players of Zhejiang women’s volleyball team, said in an interview with the media that this year’s League will be their last time in the volleyball Super League. Now, Yan Ni of Liaoning women’s volleyball team also talked about this point, she said the battle of Liao Lu was the last league match of her career.


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Different from the tearful and sentimental farewell that everyone imagined, Yanni seemed very calm and did not look different from usual. She calmly deflated volleyball with the small players, perhaps because of the National Games next year, or because she had been in the League for 15 years and saw more division and combination in the league. In 2005, Yan Ni played in the League for the first time as the first team of Liaoning women’s volleyball team.

At that time, she was still very young, and because of the need of the team’s first pass system, Yan Ni could only be used as a substitute. The main force was Liu Yanan and Hu Ying, who could receive a pass. Yan Ni had little chance to appear in the league. In 2006, she was selected by Cai bin with her excellent blocking skills and was selected into the Chinese National Youth Women’s volleyball team. In the three years from 2006 to 2009, Yan Ni worked hard and finally was selected into the national team of Chinese women’s volleyball team for the first time in 2009.


Unfortunately, Yan Ni’s offensive ability was weak at that time, which was not consistent with the overall style of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. In addition, Yan Ni was preceded by Xue Ming, Ma Yunwen, Luo Yu, Chen Yao and other good auxiliary attack players, so she never entered the training team of Chinese women’s volleyball team after 2009. Maybe a lot of fans will complain for Yan Ni, but from the situation at that time, as the main attack point, Yan Ni’s spike like Sha Pai was the biggest obstacle to her entry into the national team.


Fortunately, Yanni persisted in silence, and the auxiliary attackers who grew up with her also chose to retire for various reasons. Finally, Yan Ni became the leader of the auxiliary attack by “suffering for many years to become a mother-in-law”. According to Yan Ni herself, after the 13th National Games, she had already found a job and was ready to retire. Unexpectedly, Lang Ping chose her. Although in the first two years, she came in and out of the national team, but with her own efforts, she finally stood firm and became the Olympic champion. 17 years later, she accepted Lang Ping’s request and made great contributions to China’s women’s volleyball team’s 19-year World Cup championship.


The Tokyo Olympic Games will be her last post in the Chinese women’s volleyball team. She once said that she would stand the last post; next year’s National Games will be her last post in Liaoning women’s volleyball team. She also hopes that she can use the National Games medal to end her sports career.


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