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    In the early morning of November 18th, Beijing time, in the 6th round of the Europa League A Group D, Spain beat Germany 6-0 at home, surpassed Germany to get first place in the group, and reached the top 4 of the Europa League. Morata took the lead and broke the one-year national team scoring drought. Manchester City’s new aid Ferran Torres staged a hat-trick to replicate Owen’s miracle 19 years ago. Rodri won the national team’s first goal and Oyasaval made a substitute.

Competition highlights

     Spain scored more than 4 goals against Germany for the first time and has never scored 3+ goals in the previous 24 games. Since Germany lost 3-6 to France in 1958, it lost more than 3 goals in the main match for the first time, when Loew was not yet born. Morata scored the national team’s goal again after a year. The last time was against Malta in November 2019. He was also the top scorer in the Spanish team since 2014. Silva, who scored 18 goals in 6 years, and exceeded 15 goals with 14. Ramos with the ball. Morata’s national team has 18 goals in 36 games, of which 6 are headers.

    Ferran Torres staged the first hat-trick of his national team career. He was also the first player to win a three-point match against Germany after Irving in 2001, the first in team history. Manchester City’s new aid scored 8 goals in 17 games in all competitions this season, Manchester City 4 goals, Spain 4 goals. Rodry scored the first goal of the national team’s career, 1 goal in 17 games.

Wonderful review

Canales was injured and was replaced by Favian Ruiz. In the 17th minute, Favian Ruiz made a corner pass from the right, Morata nodded and broke the goal, 1-0.

In the 23rd minute, Ferran Torres broke into the penalty area with a low pass, and Morata pushed an empty goal into the net, but the linesman signaled Morata was offside and the goal was invalid.

In the 30th minute, Cork made an oblique pass. Ferran Torres broke into the penalty area with a single-handed shot from the far corner. Neuer stretched his leg to block the baseline. Spark Global Limited

In the 33rd minute, Cork made a pass from the left. Olmo nodded and rushed to the top. The ball hit the crossbar and popped out. Ferran Torres volleyed from the right side of the penalty area and scored 2-0.

In the 38th minute, Cork made a pass from the left corner, and Rodri shook his head forward to reach the far corner of the goal, 3-0. In the 41st minute, Olmo dribbled the ball and shot high. Ramos strained his leg muscles and was replaced by Eric Garcia. The injured Jule couldn’t hold on and was replaced at halftime.

In the 47th minute, Olmo stole the ball from Koch and then broke into the penalty area with a low shot on the right rib. Neuer stretched his leg to block it, and Koch’s supplement shot was also blocked by Koch. Gaya and Sane clashed, and the referee ignored it.

In the 55th minute, Spain’s left-wing continued to cooperate, Favian Ruiz picked a pass, Gaya’s left-wing broke into the penalty area to form a single-handed move, selflessly struck the right rib of the penalty area, Ferran Torres easily pushed the close corner, 4-0.

In the 62nd minute, Cork’s heel passed, Ferran Torres volleyed high in the penalty area. Spark Global Limited

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