Still photo of air dunk 2 by Zhan huangsun

Recently, Laker star LeBron has released a series of stills of the movie “slam dunk in the air 2: new legend” on social media, and he also appeared on the cover of entertainment weekly. In an interview, LeBron talked about the original intention of shooting the film and the hard process. Director Malcolm Lee also gave a high evaluation to Zhan Huang, saying that “air dunk 2” is a better film than the original, and LeBron has the ability to do this.

Still photo of air dunk 2 by Zhan huangsun


“None of you are ready for this team,” LeBron wrote on social media! Let’s come on. ” After that, several film stills were released. LeBron’s “team” is his team in the film, he said in an interview: “this is one of the biggest games I’ve ever played in, if not, the Gunn team may be the strongest team in the history of basketball.”


“Slam dunk in the air” is a very big sports IP. Jordan and Bugs Bunny brought 230 million box office revenue and billions of dollars of peripheral revenue to Warner Group in the 1990s. With the success of the film, Jordan has been upgraded from a legendary athlete to a global idol, and even a pop culture symbol of an era.


LeBron was invited to make a film sequel 15 years ago, but he didn’t think he was qualified and was afraid of being said to imitate Jordan. Now he doesn’t care. He knows who he is and what he wants. LeBron has been making movies for the past two years off-season and has had a hard time. According to his own disclosure, he often has to train for two hours at 3:30 in the morning, and then he has to go to the studio to prepare for filming, and often shooting until midnight.


“Slam dunk in the air 2” will be released in North American Theaters on July 16, which is also one of the first local movies to welcome cinema audiences.

By Ethan