The Racing Point team confirmed on Monday that Lance Stroll’s sudden loss of speed in the middle of the Turkish Grand Prix was due to damage to the front nose of his car, and the technician at the match point did not notice this when pitting. a little.

Stoll, who accidentally won the pole position in Saturday’s qualifying match, used heavy rain tires to lead the first half of the race without any pressure, but suddenly encountered the tires at the second stint after changing into semi-rain tires. The phenomenon of granulation began to be chased by teammate Sergio Perez (Sergio Perez) behind him.

Stoll was later forced to pit for the second time and put on new semi-rain tires. However, his speed has already begun to decline at this time, and finally finished the game only in ninth place. Instead, he adopted a one-stop strategy and performed well. Perez was runner-up. After the race, the team staff discovered hidden damage on the nose of the Stoll car in the inspection area. In addition, according to the real-time data of the team in the race, the inexplicable downforce loss is also related to this.

Considering that Perez took second place and Stoll was very frustrated after the race, the Match Point team issued an official statement: “Since the 17th lap of the race, Reims has been reporting extremely poor tire performance. , The car had a serious understeer phenomenon, and granulation immediately appeared. On the 36th lap, Lance pitted for a new set of semi-rain tires, but this did not help, his tire granulation phenomenon became getting more serious.”

“One of the fins at the lower end of the nose was loosened, and its deformation caused a sharp decrease in downforce, thereby increasing the level of granulation. Real-time data during the game also confirmed the fact that downforce was greatly reduced, but we learned from No obvious damage can be seen on the upper part of the nose, and the condition of the track itself at the time was extremely low down pressure, so it was difficult for us to confirm the correctness of the data.”

“In the end, we only noticed the damage to the lower part of the nose after the car was pushed back into the garage.”

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