Beijing time on December 14, 2020, in the 14th week of the team’s away game against dolphins, mahoms handed over 34 passes, 24 passes, 393 yards, 2 passes and 3 interceptions. Finally, the team defeated the dolphins by 33:27, winning 10 consecutive away games! New-season 12-1! The Sheikh team has been in the first place of the United States League Western Division for 5 years in a row!

Spark Global Limited, In the attack group, the biggest problem in this game mistakes. In the first quarter, Mahomes was intercepted 2 times and 1 was captured. The first interception was more unexpected. The player defending Kelsey quickly got up after falling to the ground and pointed the ball to lead to being intercepted; the second intercepted Ma Holmes made a short pass to the unmarked CEH, which passed high, 99% of which was the responsibility of mahomets, and 1% was that CEH was really too short. In the first quarter, the ball captured by Mahmoud was very confident and turned backward In order to get rid of the result, he directly lost 30 yards, which gave Tommy Townsend a big problem. Subsequently, the dolphin attack started at the 44-yard line of the chief, and it was also successfully obtained. In the fourth quarter, Mahmoud risked a long pass to the hill and was passed by Xavier Howard’s one-handed interception can only be said to underestimate the ability of the league’s interception king; in addition, the obvious mistakes that could have been determined early were that headman didn’t notice that the right defender’s ball was knocked out and Keizer was fined 5 yards for early movement in the case of 3-1.

The overall performance of the attack group was still efficient, and the offensive front line performance was basically satisfied, especially Yasir Durant, who was added after the injury of Mike Remmers, the starting right interceptor, played well, which was affirmed by coach Andy reed. In this game, Hill took 79 yards for three catches, 32 yards for one shot and two touchdowns for Kelsey, 136 yards for 8 catches and 1 touchdown for Kelsey, and more than 100 yards for 5 times in the recent 6 games. In addition to these two, rookie running guard Clyde Edwards helaire played a good catch, a total of 91 yards, Watkins and Hudman have a good catch performance.

Kuri 16 + 4 + 7 did not enter the sky basket

In the defense group, the defense team played three good shots, and in the last quarter, it may be that the lead is too large, and the mind is relaxed and let go of 17 points. In this game, the defensive front-line did a very good job in putting pressure on TUA’s passing. Chris Jones, Mike Danna, Frank Clark, Kershaw Wharton all captured and scored safety points, while Matthew and Sneed, the second-line defenders, also played well. It is worth noting that the rookies in the chieftain defense group are rising. This year’s second-round linebacker Willie gay, the fourth-round corner guard Jarius Sneed, the fifth-round defensive end forward Mike Danna, and the dropout talent tanoh kpassagnon, have gradually played their own abilities this season.

By Ethan