Sun Yang's suspension period was shortened

On June 22, the International Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) announced the arbitration results of the second hearing of the Sun Yang case. The suspension period for Chinese swimmer Sun Yang was reduced to 4 years and 3 months (51 months), compared with the first The hearing was suspended for eight years for arbitration, which greatly reduced the penalty, but it is hard to say that this was a victory, and the off-court conspiracy still succeeded.

Sun Yang's suspension period was shortened
A “commutation” punishment that is more pretentious.

The result of this arbitration did not completely cancel Sun Yang’s suspension period, so that Sun Yang will completely miss the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. This is almost fatal to Sun Yang, who has not given up training after being suspended.

Sun Yang is 30 years old this year. Among Chinese swimmers who have generally shorter sports life spans, this is already considered to be an advanced age. He may have reached the end of the peak period of his sports career. If he missed this period, it would be difficult to achieve good results.

Therefore, although Sun Yang’s suspension period will end on May 31, 2024, in theory, he can still catch up with the Paris Olympics, but it is of little significance in practice. It is difficult to imagine that Sun Yang, who will be 33 years old by then, will be able to return to his peak. This “commutation” punishment is more like a punishment that pretends to be a gesture.

To defeat your opponent on the field, you must be careful with out-of-court moves outside the field.

Sun Yang’s suspension has reminded the Chinese sports world: not only to defeat the opponent in the arena, but also to guard against interference from off-court factors.

The main reason for Sun Yang’s suspension was to touch the cakes of certain European and American countries. Before 2011, the men’s freestyle middle and long distance was dominated by European and American athletes for a long time. After Sun Yang was born, he won 11 gold medals in the individual events of the World Championships alone, completely suppressing European and American athletes.

This small group of European and American athletes was not reconciled to failure, but did not have the confidence to beat Sun Yang upright in the game through hard training, so they could only use off-market tricks to deal with Sun Yang. For example, the Australian players Holden and his like have not only been slandering Sun Yang off the court, but also staged a farce of rejecting the podium to accept the prize at the 2019 World Championships.

In 2018, the emergence of Sun Yang’s anti-doping incident gave these behind-the-scenes forces a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They just had an excuse to discredit Sun Yang and slander Sun Yang on various occasions. Sun Yang was banned for 8 years after the first hearing, which was not unrelated to these off-court factors.

The lesson was painful and it brought a wake-up call to the Chinese sports world.

The Chinese sports community must learn to protect itself through legal means.

Sun Yang is innocent, because he has received the most inspections by the World Anti-Doping Agency and passed all the inspections. In 2019, the FINA Anti-Doping Committee also made a ruling, confirming that Sun Yang had no doping violations. The International Sports Arbitration Tribunal imposed a suspension on Sun Yang on the basis of his “violent resistance to inspections”, not that violations were found in the doping inspection.

Sun Yang may be because he had never taken doping before, he was not paying attention to certain details and procedures, his vigilance was too poor, and the other party had irregularities, he was a little impulsive in the doping test incident, and he was not rational. Behavior, eventually fell into the pit.

In fact, if Sun Yang learns to use legal means to protect himself, he can completely avoid the occurrence of “anti-censorship” incidents. For example, after discovering that the opponent’s qualifications are not compliant, you should first question it. In the actual process, the staff who did not meet the qualifications were asked to draw blood, which was tantamount to accepting the opponent in disguise, and later destroyed the samples, just in time for the opponent. Caught the handle.

It is hoped that the Chinese sports community will learn from the Sun Yang incident, pay enough attention to doping control, and urge athletes to protect their interests through legal means.

What do you think of the Sun Yang incident? Does Sun Yang still hope to achieve good results in the Paris Olympics? Welcome to express your opinions.

By Ethan