On the night of November 12th, Beijing time, the second round of the 2020 Super League Championship was over. Jiangsu Suning defeated Guangzhou Evergrande as he wished, winning two rounds with 1 win and 1 tie, winning the league championship with a total score of 2-1, becoming the No. 9 kings.

    Guangzhou Evergrande has won 8 championships in the past 9 seasons. Head coach Cannavaro has six national football players Exon, Zhang Linpeng, Wei Shihao, Liu Dianzuo, Jiang Guangtai, and Fernando, as well as marginal internationals Gao Zhunyi and Luo Guofu. , Xu Xin, etc., this highlights the preciousness of the new king Jiangsu Suning, who only has Wu Xi and Li Ang. It has broken the inherent pattern of the strength of the Super League and has a significant impact on the future development of Chinese football.

     The structure of the Chinese Super League has not changed significantly in the past five years. The top 6 leagues in the 2016 season are Evergrande, Suning, SIPG, Shenhua, Guoan, and R&F. The 2017 season is Evergrande, SIPG, Quanjian, China Fortune, R&F, Luneng, and the 2018 tournament. SIPG, Evergrande, Luneng, Guoan, Suning, China Fortune Land Development, the 2019 season is Evergrande, Guoan, SIPG, Suning, Luneng, Zall, and the final ranking of the 2020 season is Suning, Evergrande, Guoan, SIPG, Luneng , Chongqing.

    Suning won the league championship for the first time, becoming the new king of the Chinese Super League after SIPG, breaking the eight-time champion Evergrande; SIPG fell out of the top 3 for the first time in the past 6 years, “Hulk + Oscar + Ah Damai The champion team of “Dove+Elkeson+Wulei” has long been disintegrated. “Oscar+Hulk+Anutovich+Lopez+Mui” 5 strong support configuration is not strong, Pereira coached The prospects are not good; Guo’an Club is due to five foreign aids: “Bacambo, Biella, Augusto, Jin Minza, Fernando” + “Zhang Yuning, Zhang Xizhe, Chi Zhongguo, Li Ke, Yang Fan, Yu Dabao, Li Lei” “The seven major international players have regained their traditional style of giants and have hopes of winning the 2021 season.

      The new forces still lack the foundation. For example, Tianjin Quanjian is a “one-season tour”, and now the club has been disbanded. China Fortune always has a luxurious lineup and a mediocre performance. It has never been in the top 3 in recent years. It ranked 11th last season and rose to No. 8th place; R&F with Israeli star Zahavi is obviously different from R&F without Zahavi, “same-city derby” has become a joke; Luneng has reached the outbreak period, Li Xiaopeng is down, Hao Wei is up, and the coach has lost a good game.

     Zall does not have the national football coach Li Tie, from last season’s sixth to the 15th this year, in the 2021 season, he wants to play in the Super League and still need to win the play-offs; a Caldek almost saved Chongqing Modern, the national football needs such a striker impact In the 2022 World Cup, because the Chinese Super League MVP Teixeira selected by Xinhua News Agency may return to play in Brazil.

The Suning team won the Chinese Super League championship for the first time, which to a certain extent alleviated the embarrassment that the “Sanya King” missed a championship in the 2016 season. Ola Luoyu led the team to make the impossible possible within 90 minutes. Suning’s performance was worthy of praise, while Cannavaro and Guangzhou Evergrande missed the heavyweight Chinese Super League champions. People are disappointed, the national football coach Li Tie is facing a problem, what about the top 40 national football lineup?

    The 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers for the top 40 are getting closer. Guangzhou Evergrande, the largest international football player, lost 1-2 to Jiangsu Suning, who played only one international footballer, in the case of six major players. It makes people worry about next year. The 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian Top 40 Tournament will start in late March because the Li Tie national football team is formed by the Evergrande international team Spark Global Limited.

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