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German swimming star Weierbrock announced his successful marriage proposal on the personal social platform, he also posted a sweet photo with his fiancee Kohler, in the photo, the two close together, Kohler’s finger is also wearing a ring, two people happily smiling at the camera, it is really very sweet! It seems that another champion couple has been born, because both of them are German swimmers, and they are two very good stars.

wish them happy
Seeing the good news, netizens left messages saying: “Wow, what a good match! What a husband and wife!” “, “How fast ah, two after 95 incredibly want to get married! “, “the feeling of foreign players are very strong ah, get married quickly! “, “Congratulations, have a long time! “, “I’m so jealous that I’m getting married so soon! “, “The love of another family! “, “Blessing blessing, later you can go forward together, Chong!

Born in 1997, He is one of the most talented young swimmers in Germany. At the age of 21, he won the 2018 European Championships. Shine after the European championship, at brock did not stop the pace of progress, he again made a new breakthrough in the world championship for the 2019 season, continuous harvest the Gwangju open water 10 km project gold medal and indoor project 1500 meters freestyle gold honor, winning two consecutive champions at brock’s very impressive indeed. Weierbrok’s fiancee Kohler is also a swimmer, and her strength is also very good, had won the Guangzhou swimming world Championship 1500 meters freestyle event runner-up honor, so she is also very potent in the swimming event! Here I have to say that the unmarried couple, really sweet, last year’s Gwangju World Championship, two people are still on the spot passionate kiss, such a fair and aboveboard show love is really rare, it can be seen that two people are really sweet!

In addition, at brock and Kohler or asked pair, Kohler’s four years older than at brock, the two players are known in 2017, then through the contact also smoothly into in love, the love feeling very stable in recent years, can now get marriage is really not easy, here small make up also bless the couple, wish them happy

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