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The official website of the China Table Tennis Association has issued an announcement. The Table Tennis Super League in 2020 is tentatively scheduled to be held from December 16 to 27. The competition is divided into two stages. The first stage is the single round-robin competition between men and women, and the second stage is the single-elimination competition with the top four points. So far, the host city has not been determined, but from the notice, the number of teams proposed to participate in this league has been determined, basically 9 clubs for men and women, and the central table is required to have network video or live TV signals.

The official website of China Table Tennis Association has issued an announcement
In the undertaking notice issued by the table tennis association, one of the required standards is to provide accommodation for the participating clubs, which clearly stipulates that at most 18 sports teams should be provided. In the past few years of the Table Tennis Super League, the participating clubs have always maintained 10 clubs for both men and women. This year, it has been reduced to 9 clubs. The biggest variable is the dissolution of the men’s and women’s team of Bayi table tennis.

The Bayi team has a number of disbanded teams, including the Bayi volleyball team, basketball team and other major ball games. Although the table tennis team has not publicly announced, the possibility of participating in the table tennis super is almost zero. According to the notice of undertaking, the maximum number of male and female clubs can only be 18. From the past 20 teams to 18 this year, the reduction is probably Bayi men and women’s two clubs. The Bayi team has two world champions, fan Zhendong and Liang Jingkun. Zhou Yu and Xu Chenhao are also international players. If they don’t participate in the competition, they may have some influence on their state.

The biggest difference between this year’s Table Tennis Super and the past is that the former home away competition system has been canceled and replaced by the match system. Five standard tables should be placed in the field, one of which is placed in the central court. However, the spectators of CBA and Table Tennis Super League matches are allowed to be held in China, but the spectators of CBA and Table Tennis Super matches are not allowed to be held in China We should consider it more beautiful from the perspective of the live broadcast.
The table tennis super requires that the venue should be equipped with live network signals, which also provides the fans with the opportunity to appreciate the superb ball skills. Although CCTV has not made it clear whether the League will be broadcast live, referring to the example of the women’s volleyball Super League, there will be many online sports platforms for the live broadcast.
There are only 12 days in this competition. Starting from the single cycle, there are at least eight games to be able to enter the top four. Then there are two semi-finals and final competitions. Playing at least 10 games in 12 days requires very high physical strength of the athletes, especially the main force of the national team, who has just participated in the world cup, the International Table Tennis Federation finals, and the WTT Macau station. Malone, Chen Meng and sun tingsha have all played three races. Xiangxin is also the main force of each team and should spare no effort to fight against injuries caused by excessive fatigue.

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