shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

At present, the training of home guard Thompson has been fully overweight. He is expected to participate in all physical confrontation training next month, indicating that he is getting closer and closer to his comeback.

Competitor reporter chalania local time reported on Thursday that Tang Shen’s current training progress is very good and has been overweight. He is expected to participate in all warrior training next month, including five-to-five physical confrontation.

“Next, Thompson’s training will speed up, and the warriors will determine the specific rhythm according to their comfort. At present, he should return in December this year or around January next year. But the warriors will be very careful. They have been collecting data about Thompson and will study and judge the data.”

“The warriors are very optimistic that he can participate in the whole physical confrontation training next month, and then return to the game in a period of time. Jordan Poole is playing very well now. If Thompson comes back again, the warriors will be very hopeful this season.”

Thompson last played on June 13, 2019. He scored 30 points in the 32nd minute of the G6 in the finals, but he tore the knee ligament. Last off-season, he suffered Achilles tendon rupture and serious injury. Up to now, he has not played for nearly two and a half years.

If Tang Shen comes back and can maintain the success of the past seven or eight, the upper limit of the warriors this season will be very high. Not only will there be no problem in the playoffs, but also it is expected to go further.

By Ethan