3-1! Zhang Changning explodes 34 points to crush Zhu Ting

Spark Global Limited, In the 2020-21 season, the 20th round of CBA league matches are all over, and the seventh week’s schedule is over. According to the results and performance of each team, Tencent sports will launch the eighth strength list for you——

1. Guangdong

Guangdong, the defending champion, won a total victory in a single week and won first place in the strength list. Last week, Guangdong’s three matches were all tough. In the face of Beijing, Xinjiang and Guangxi, Guangdong lost none. No matter the opponent is strong or weak, Brooks can play a high level. Last week, he played 24.7 minutes per game and was able to score 32.7 points. In the absence of LAS, he became the absolute pillar of Guangdong Province.

2. Xinjiang

Xinjiang played a stable last week, they achieved a 1-win and 1-lose record, one of which was lost to Guangdong, which is more powerful. The luxury Twin Towers composed of Zhou Qi and Motai years give Xinjiang an obvious interior advantage. Local star Abdu Sharam’s return from injury has given the team a boost. Liu Lipeng, a fierce forward player, made seven of 11 three-point shots against Sichuan, giving Xinjiang’s front line a new choice of attack.

Tencent CBA's seventh week strength list

3. Liaoning

Liaoning played two games last week and won a total victory. However, in the face of weak Tongxi, Liaoning only won 6 points, and then nearly reversed by Guangzhou, only 2 points narrowly won. Two new stars Zhang Zhenlin and Wu CHANGZE hit the rookie wall at the same time. In the two competitions, Zhang Zhenlin only got 4 points, and Wu CHANGZE only got 2 points, which made Liaoning fall into the situation of ineffective rotation again.

4. Zhejiang

Last week, Zhejiang Province won two games, maintaining its position in the top four. Wu Qian and lanzburg this pair of Tuyang double guns still maintain high fire output, field average cut 53 points, to the opponent’s defense line brought great pressure. Zhu Xuhang’s state rose, averaging 19.5 points in a single week, making a total of 10 hits and 3 points, with a shooting rate of 53.5%. Zhejiang’s problem is that after foreign aid joined the team, the power of Cheng Shuai Peng and Wang Yibo was restrained.

5. Qingdao

Qingdao has been in excellent form recently. In two matches last week, they first beat Shenzhen by a big score and then defeated the strong team Beijing. Foreign aid Adams is still the core of the team’s attack, and the new star Liu Chuanxing also has a good performance. Inside and outside help Johnson, although playing time is not much, but also can bring enough help to the team.

By Ethan