"Thank you for playing football." let's remember these 10 things about Maradona

The nightmare of 2020 continues. God took Kobe at the beginning of the year and Maradona at the end.

Diego Maradona left, less than a month after his 60s, died of a heart attack. Two weeks ago, he had surgery for a brain hemorrhage.

Let’s recall 10 things in Maradona’s life and remember this great man.1. Born on October 30, 1960, Diego Amando Maradona was born in a shack without running water or electricity in one of the most dangerous slums in lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was the first son after four daughters in a poor family and ranked fifth among the eight children in the family.

Maradona, still a toddler, fell into an open pit. His uncle helped him up and told him, “in dog shit, you have to lift your head up and put your head out of the dung.” At the most difficult times of his life, Maradona was often inspired by this sentence.

Maradona is very close to his parents, brothers and sisters. In an interview in 1990, he took out a stack of phone lists, which showed that he spent at least $15000 a month calling his family.

Maradona’s mother died in 2011 at the age of 81. His father died in 2015 at the age of 87.

At the age of three, Maradona’s cousin gave him a life changing gift: football. That night, Maradona fell asleep with a football in his arms. Maradona interviewed himself in a 2005 show and was asked what he would say to Maradona if he could attend his funeral.

“Thank you for playing football,” Maradona said. Because it’s a sport that gives me the most happiness and freedom, it’s like touching the sky with your own hands. Thanks for football, I will put up a monument and write “thank you football.”

3. Maradona joined the junior team Los cebollitas of Argentina youth club at the age of 10. Under his leadership, the team achieved 136 consecutive unbeaten results. Since then, the local people have called him “El pipe de Oro” (golden boy).

As a caddy, Maradona often amused the audience with the ball at half-time. He even appeared on the page of the trumpet, the largest newspaper in Argentina that first reported Maradona’s death. Unfortunately, the reporter wrote his name “caradona”.

Reporters said the 10-year-old showed “rare ball control and dribbling ability” and “the shirt was too big for him, and the bangs almost blocked his view. He looks like he escaped from the construction site. He can stop the ball to death, and then rub it up easily, with both feet. He acts like a born football player. On the surface, he doesn’t seem to belong to this era. In fact, he completely conforms to the modern style. His love for football is very Argentinean. With him, a generation of superstars have emerged in our football, which is expected to achieve sustained prosperity

10 days before his 16th birthday, he appeared in the first team of Argentina youth team, wearing No. 16 shirt, becoming the youngest player in the history of Argentina’s Serie A League. He said, “I feel like I lifted the sky with my hands that day.”

Since then, he has played more than 491 games for Boca Juniors, Barcelona and Napoli, making 91 appearances for Argentina.

He led Napoli to their first European Championship, the UEFA Cup, and two league titles, known as the city’s demigod.

5 In the later period of Barcelona, Maradona was not happy with the fans and the club. In 1984, Maradona moved to Naples, and 75000 fans welcomed him at Sao Paulo stadium.

“Despite the lack of mayors, housing, schools, buses, employment and health facilities, none of these matters because we have Maradona,” the local newspaper said

Maradona always appeared in places not only related to football, but also changed many things with football. At that time, the relationship between the north and the south of Italy was the most tense. According to an article by the football moments, Milan represented the industry and prosperity of the north of Italy, Rome symbolized the glory and decadence of the country’s heavy past, while Naples and Naples were the emperors of the south Son, proud of all condescension and snobbery.

Maradona called on Napoli to support ARGENTINA in the 1990 World Cup in Italy. He said: “the country will only come to you for one day, and for the remaining 364 days, they will call you Africans.”

In football, until then, Italian football was dominated by teams from the north and the middle, such as Milan duo, Juve, Rome, and teams in the south of the Italian peninsula had never won a championship. Maradona led Napoli to their first Serie A title in the 1986-1987 season. The frenzied Napoli held mock funerals for Juve and Milan, burning their coffins. Their death notice read: “in May 1987, another Italy was defeated.”.

In the 1989-1990 season, Maradona led the team to win the team’s second league championship, two league runners up and the 1989 UEFA Cup.

For many, Maradona is a legend. But for Naples, he was a God. In 1984, Marana asked for a charity for Naples children. Maradona organized one of his own, in the stadium near the children’s home. by

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