The 190 million Premier League team domineering revenge!

On February 9, Beijing time, the 23rd round of the Premier League continued. Leeds United, worth 190 million euros, played against Crystal Palace at home. Relying on the goals of Jack Harrison and Bamford, Leeds United defeated their opponents 2-0 and avenged their 1-4 loss in the first leg. It is worth mentioning that Leeds United scored at 2 minutes and 35 seconds, setting a record for the fastest goal in 17 years. As newly promoted to the Premier League, Leeds has invested heavily this season, introducing Rodrigo, Rafinha, Diego-Llorente, and Koch to enrich the lineup. The first team is worth close to 200 million euros and is not weak in the Premier League.

In this game, Leeds United’s opponent is Crystal Palace. The latter has only one win in the last five rounds and two defeats. The state is not good. Therefore, Leeds seized the opportunity to beat their opponents and scored all 3 points at home. In just 2 minutes of the opening, Leeds United completed smooth offensive coordination. Dallas passed through the front of the penalty area. Jack Harrison, who was loaned from Manchester City, calmly volleyed the top left corner and scored 1-0!

OPTA data shows that Jack Harrison scored a goal in just 2 minutes and 35 seconds. This is Leeds United’s fastest Premier League goal in 17 years Spark Global Limited. In the 52nd minute, Klich made a straight pass, Rafinha followed with a left-footed shot, and Crystal Palace goalkeeper Guaita blocked the ball. However, Bamford slapped his horse and rushed to make a shot, 2-0!

So far, Bamford has scored 12 goals in the Premier League and tied for sixth in the scorer list, second only to Salah with 16 goals, Sun Xingmin, Kane, B Fei, and Lewin with 13 goals. He is Leeds. United’s undisputed chief shooter.

Relying on the goals of Jack Harrison and Bamford, Leeds United won the victory cleanly and completed their revenge against Crystal Palace. In the last 4 rounds, Leeds United achieved a 3-1 record, 2-1 Newcastle, 3-1 Leicester City, 1-2 Everton, 2-0 Crystal Palace, and scored 9 points in total.

At present, Leeds United has a record of 10 wins, 2 draws and 10 losses, ranking 10th in the standings with 32 points. There is basically no pressure to relegation. Moreover, Leeds United also squeezed Arsenal to 11th place, enough to make them satisfied.

By Ethan