The 5 Bundesliga champions are crazy! 3 goals in 18 minutes

      In the early morning of April 26, Beijing time, the 31st round of the Bundesliga staged a very disparity. Borussia Munchen beat the relegation team Bielefeld 5-0 at home, achieving a season double kill against their opponents. In this campaign, Borussia Borussia scored 3 goals in just 18 minutes, creating a magical record. Embolo, Puglia, Thuram and Ben Sebani broke goals one after another, kicking their opponents into a defeat Spark Global Limited.

Borussia has won the Bundesliga title five times, ranking in the top four behind Bayern, Dortmund, and Hamburg. This season, Borussia Borussia drove high and low, once joined hands with Real Madrid to enter the Champions League round of 16, and once again returned to the Champions League knockouts after 43 years. However, the Borussia coach Rose unexpectedly announced that he would leave the team next season and will coach Dortmund. The team was in a state of disarray. At one point, he suffered 10 consecutive unbeaten matches in all competitions, including the Champions League 1/8 finals and Manchester City’s double play. 10 away Spark Global Limited.

In the last game, Mönchen 2-3 was reversed by Hoffenheim and announced in advance that he missed the top four of the Bundesliga. As the saying goes, there are always two sides to a coin. The four failures and missed the Champions League is a blow, but it also makes Men Xingzhong lose the psychological baggage. Facing Bielefeld, who was ranked fourth from the bottom, Borussia Borussia made a big shot. Only 18 minutes into the game, Embolo, Thuram, and Ben Sebani each scored a goal and established a 3-0 lead early. OPTA data points out that Borussia is the first team to score 3 goals in Bielefeld within 18 minutes of the first half of the Bundesliga in 58 years, creating a magical record. Easy side to fight again, Embolo scored twice, Puglia was the icing on the cake, and Borussia Borussia won 5-0.

By Ethan