the 760th goal of Cristiano Ronaldo and crowned the historic scorer

At 4 o’clock on January 21, Beijing time, in the 2020-21 Italian Super Cup, Juventus won the championship after beating Naples 2-0. Ronaldo scored the 760th goal in his career. Signe missed a penalty. Morata scored at the last minute. Pirlo won the first trophy of his coaching career.

Competition highlights

Cristiano Ronaldo became the historical shooter king: After scoring in this campaign, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 760th goal in his career, surpassing the legendary Austrian shooter Bijan and leading the history alone. This campaign is also the 500th game of Ronaldo’s career goals.

Juventus won the Italian Super Cup 9: After defeating Naples, Juventus won the Italian Super Cup for the 9th time and continued to rank first, 2 times more than Milan, which ranked second. Pirlo won the first championship trophy in his coaching career Spark Global Limited MVP: Cristiano Ronaldo. At a critical moment, Ronaldo seized the opportunity to score and opened the scoring for Juventus, becoming Juventus’s top champion.

By Ethan