At 19:35 on November 18, Beijing time, Wuhan Zall drew 2-2 with Zhejiang Greentown. In the first half, Li Xing and Evra scored. In the second half, Zall’s coaching staff made a stupid substitution. Ai Zhibo’s appearance led to a loss and Mu Xiekui scored. At the last moment of stoppage time, Greentown scored a penalty kick, 2-2. On November 22, the second round of the two sides will start. Focus on the dynamics of the Super Intermittent Period Spark Global Limited.

In the 15th minute, Zall broke the deadlock, Baptista made it back, and Li Xing hit the ball on the spot. Zall led Greentown 1-0. After the goal, Li Xing celebrated with excitement. In the 24th minute, Zhou Tong missed the goal slightly. In fact, Baptist also had the opportunity to shoot a supplement, but he did not react. In the 25th minute, Mu Xiekui and Liao Junjian fought in the air. The latter’s nose bleeds and the Greentown foreign aid dyed yellow. In the 29th minute, Mu Xieku had physical contact with the Zall players and eventually fell into the penalty area. The Greentown player asked the referee to make a penalty. The South Korean referee Jin Xikun did not say. Slow-motion playback, Mu Xiekui fell to the ground somewhat exaggerated.

     In the 31st minute, Liao Junjian’s nose was still bleeding and the game was suspended. In the 39th minute, Han Pengfei was carried out on a stretcher. He returned to the court without the referee’s consent and was kicked out by the referee. Han Pengfei raised his hand to apologize. In the 41st minute, Zhou Tong’s header was saved by Fan Jinming. In the first half, the injury time was 6 minutes. In the 50th minute, Evra’s shot was blocked by the opponent’s goalkeeper. He made up the empty goal and succeeded, 2-0! In the first half, Zall led 2-0.

   The easy side fought again. In the 55th minute, Dino picked a pass to the penalty area. After Mu Xiekui adjusted, he passed the 38-year-old Ai Zhibo and then scored with a low shot. Greentown pulled back one city, 2-1. It is worth mentioning that Ai Zhibo played 54 minutes and was replaced in the 69th minute. He was obviously underperforming and could not keep up with the rhythm. From 2-0 to 2-1, the Zall coaching staff is responsible for substitutions. In the 96th minute, Greentown won a penalty. Zhong Haoran was knocked down by Han Pengfei when he was about to catch the ball. In the 99th minute, Dino made a penalty.

Both sides played as follows:

Zhejiang Greentown: 1-Fan Jinming (U23), 4-Sun Zhengao, 5-Long Cheng, 19-Dong Yu, 28-Yue Xin, 39-Xu Jizu (U23), 6-Longwei, 13-Yao Junsheng (81’8) -Zhong Haoran), 22-Cheng Jin, 30-Muxiekui, 9-Dino

Wuhan Zall: 16-Dong Chunyu, 3-Liu Yi, 5-Han Pengfei, 15-Tomorrow, 22-Liao Junjian (53’4-Ai Zhibo 69’19-Hu Jinghang), 11-Zhou Tong (85’29-Zhang Chenglin ), 20-Li Xing (85’24-Wang Kai), 26 Liu Yun, 39-Cong Zhen (U23), 10-Baptistan (69’30-Carrizo), 17-Evra

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