The Australian Open has been postponed until February

On December 2, according to Australian media reports, the first Grand Slam Australian Open of 2021 season will start on February 8, but the team of players should arrive at the venue no later than January 17 and be isolated for 14 days. According to Australian Open tournament director Craig Tilly, 2021 Australian Open will impose quarantine and quarantine policies on all players and their teams. Players need to be in quarantine on January 15. It is understood that the Australian Open requires players to undergo a nucleic acid test after arrival and be isolated from the room for two days. The isolation period of 14 days can be started after the nucleic acid test is confirmed to be negative. During this period, players can use the driving range for training. On the first day, the third day, the tenth day, and the fourteenth day of the quarantine period, the player needs to undergo four more nucleic acid tests.

In this regard, Terry said, such an epidemic prevention policy needs to be paid for by all people. “But the good news is, we look like we can start on February 8.” Terry said. The Australian Open organizing committee has promised that the tournament side will bear the expenses for charter flights of players, isolation costs for players and teams, as well as hotel and catering expenses during the isolation period. In addition, Terry also talked about the expected bonus payments for the 2021 Australian Open. Terry said the Australian Open is expected to give players a total of $71 million in bonuses. In addition, as the Organizing Committee of the US Open 2020 and French Open do, the Australian Open will also substantially increase the amount of bonus in the previous rounds of the Australian Open. “The first round of the Australian Open was a $100000.” The Australian Times reported.

The Australian Open has been postponed until February
It is reported that the Australian Open organizing committee has arranged charter flights for the players’ transportation. The Organizing Committee hopes to transfer all the players to the station from January 15 to January 17, and immediately start the isolation policy. When the player arrives with a negative nucleic acid test, he can start training. In the first seven days of the isolation period, players can train in pairs, and in the next seven days, players will be allowed to train in groups of four. However, the Australian Open allows players to have only one coach during training.
The Australian Open said that although the quarantine period can end on February 1, it still allows players time to adapt to the “post isolation period”. “Because during the quarantine period, players can only train and can’t play. If the isolation is over, the competition will be started. In case some players have infection symptoms, they still have a week to recover and resume the game.”
It is reported that the Australian Open has created a safety bubble for players including accommodation and training. According to the organizing committee, players do not have to stay in hotel rooms all day during isolation. Players have two hours of training, two hours of fitness, and one hour of dining every day. The designated residence period for the players to live in is required.
On the other hand, according to Australian media reports, the government of Victoria, the host of the Australian Open, has doubts about whether the Australian Open will be held normally. Daniel Andrews, the governor of Victoria, said the open might allow players from all over the world to bring the virus into the state. “Professional players play all over the world all year round and the Australian Open may bring the virus to Melbourne.” He said. In addition, Australian Open director Terry also admitted that the 2021 Australian Open still exists the risk of being stopped and canceled by the government.

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