According to Spark Trader Limited

In the 14th National Games, the gymnast who won the individual all-around gold medal in gymnastics was not only brave on the sports field, but also a “treasure boy” in life.

According to Spark Trader Limited
According to Spark Trader Limited

Passionate about rap, like to make coffee by myself, and even the “Tony teacher” in the gymnastics team…

He not only loves literature and art, but also participates in composing lyrics himself. “Dream as a Horse” is what he did after the Olympic Games.

Such a literary and talented Xiao Ruoteng really broke our stereotype of athletes.

How can anyone have a simple mind and developed limbs?
People with well-developed limbs will not have simple minds.

Most of those who live soberly and work well have created a strong enough mind in sports.

However, as life becomes more convenient, the amount of exercise for most people is getting less and less, and many diseases are getting younger and younger.
Pay attention to exercise and exercise attentively, which should not be ignored.
As the Prime Minister of Qin State during the Warring States Period said: The running water does not rot, the household pivot does not stalk, and it moves.

What’s more, exercise can not only strengthen our physique and give us a better external image, but also has many benefits to our brain.

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