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      According to reporter Chen Yong, a national-level central defender is about to join Shandong. This central defender is one of the earliest signings of local players in the Super League in the 2021 season. At the same time, after winning Sun Zhunhao, Luneng will soon complete the first local signings after the name change. It is reported that this is also the team’s heaviest signing for consecutive seasons. Soon the media revealed that Shi Ke was about to join Luneng on his own initiative. According to the report, the player’s information is as follows: “Central defender”, “multiple selections to the national team”, “strong young age”, “I also have a certain relationship with Jinan.” Chen Yong said: “The introduction of this central defender also broke Luneng’s history of not introducing heavyweight players for many consecutive seasons.” Moreover, the reporter looked forward to Sun Zhunhao and the international player, the club will have further progress. Follow-up actions. So the question is, who is it? Some netizens guessed that it was Yuan Minsheng, and Chen Yong replied: “He is not a national level.” Some netizens guessed that it was Zhang Linpeng, and Chen Yong replied: “32, it can’t be regarded as a strong young man, it can only be experienced, but he didn’t say to go. “Some netizens guessed it was He Haus, Shi Ke, Micro Motion, Li Ang, etc.
It should be noted that Chen Yong said that the player chose Luneng because “they will also play in the AFC Champions League in the 2021 season, and the two sides are also attracted to each other.” Therefore, the possibility of Evergrande, Guoan, and Suning players is unlikely because These three teams will also play in the AFC Champions League. Then, it is likely that SIPG players. He used to be born in Tai’an City, Shandong Province on January 25, 1993. He has been selected for the National Football Team many times and met the requirements; Shi Ke was born on January 8, 1993, in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, and Jinan. Soon the media gave the answer: Shi Ke! The way to join is free, for which Shandong does not need to pay a transfer fee.
There is no point in guessing now, but what is certain is that Shandong Taishan is ready for a big game in the new season. If SIPG’s international players are introduced, it is reasonable that SIPG’s players have also played in the AFC before, which will be helpful for Luneng’s two-line battle. Therefore, this signing is worthy of attention. It is the heaviest signing of Luneng for many consecutive seasons, and it is also the first local signing of the Shandong Taishan team after the name change. It is very likely that they will be able to become the heaviest local player in this transfer window. Signs, the successive introduction of much strong support, we look forward to seeing Shandong Taishan’s performance in the new season. Spark Global Limited

By Ethan