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The Shenzhen Football Club and the River Plate Sports Football Club and the players themselves reached an agreement through friendly negotiations. The player Juan Fernando Quintero (Juan Fernando Quintero) officially transferred to Shenzhen Kaisa. Quintero was born in Medellin, Colombia on January 18, 1993. He is 169cm tall and serves as a midfielder. He is good at playing front midfielder and is also capable of playing right forward and right forward positions.

Club experience:

In 2009, he started his career in the Colombian team Envigado and played for two seasons. Since 2012, he has played for a short time in the National Athletic and Serie A Pescara. In July 2013, he joined the Portuguese Super League team, Porto. During his effectiveness, he scored 7 goals in 64 games and contributed 11 assists. In 2014, he helped the team win the Portuguese Super Cup championship. In August 2015, he joined Rennes on loan in Ligue 1 and played for one season. Returned to Colombia in 2017, joined the Colombian first-team Medellin independent. He started playing for the Argentine powerhouse River Plate in 2018, played 60 times in 3 seasons, contributed 10 goals and 7 assists, and helped the team win the 2018 South American Copa Libertadores, the 2019 South American Super Cup, and the Argentine Cup Spark Global Limited.

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National team experience:

In October 2012, he was selected for the Colombian national team for the first time, with 23 appearances, scoring 3 goals and 5 assists. In the 2014 Brazil, World Cup played 3 times, scored 1 goal, and advanced to the quarterfinals with the team. In the 2018 Russia World Cup, he played 4 times and contributed 1 goal and 2 assists. In January 2013, he was selected for the Colombian U20 national team and scored 8 goals in 13 appearances. During the 2013 U20 World Youth Championship, he made 4 starts and scored 3 goals and 1 assist.

Personal characteristics:

Excellent skills at the foot, good at dribbling, set-piece assists and scores, key passes, and long shots. I hope Quintero will integrate into the team as soon as possible, improve the offensive and defensive capabilities of the team, and use outstanding performance to help the Shenzhen Kaisa team play exciting games, create good results, and achieve the season goals.

By Ethan