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The biggest problem of Jiangsu women’s volleyball team is not Cai bin or Gong Xiangyu. So what’s the problem? Netizens’ heated discussion pointed out to the point that: the problem of Jiangsu women’s volleyball team may still be a pass, especially Zhang Changning’s.

Her habitual movements waste too much height

Promising tche return of Asia is the most correct decision. The tactics innovation, reduces Gong Xiangyu’s first pass, maximizes its attack, strengthens the middle attack, especially Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu. The secondary attack is fierce, and its power should be above Wang Ning. In this way, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team’s No. 1 and No. 5 card defense is accurate and resolute, so the physical strength is enhanced and not easy to collapse. At present, the two sides of Jiangsu women’s volleyball team open the middle attack is Cai director’s painstaking and complacent work. If you hit the head, you should hit the tail; if you hit the tail, you should respond to both the head and the tail. Zhang Changning and gongxiangyu are the first and Gong Xiangyu is the last. The essence of this array should be echoed at the head and tail, and the middle should be pressed to kill at one stroke. Zhang Changning’s one pass is not stable, especially afraid of chasing the ball flat, a pass after the impact of the attack.

a pass after the impact of the attack.
Her habitual movements waste too much height, and most attacks waste 15cm. At the same time, Zhang Changning’s physical overdraft came too fast. At this time, there are fewer straight lines and more forward attacks. There are rules to follow. Zhang Changning is the weakest link in this array. Once promised Asia once Limited will be replaced, training Su team into the loss channel called the dead hole. Gong Xiangyu’s main reason is that the strength of his left and right hands is uneven, and his pass turns to the inverted triangle, especially at position 4. The second is that physical exhaustion always comes. In response to Gong Xiangyu’s breakthrough, he resolutely blocked the straight line of Xiaoyu’s attack. Generally speaking, Xiaoyu’s straight line is the biggest threat, and the diagonal line is more shallow. As long as you take it correctly, at least half of the ball will be lifted. Zhang Changning’s pursuit ball abandons his attack and Ni extraordinary pass, or sends the attack to promise Asia’s two sides and makes its mistake. Attack its seven inches, explore its dead point, so that its head and tail do not care. Of course, it is not easy to get rid of the disease by following the prescription. You have to hit seven inches, reach the dead end, control the gate of life to win. It is suitable for all teams and can get twice the result with half the effort. An opponent of equal size will win if he uses the correct strategy and tactics. This is a strategic strategy and a decisive victory for thousands of miles, not a talk.
Therefore, at present, Jiangsu’s biggest weakness is a pass, especially Zhang Changning’s, because Zhang Changning is one of the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team’s attacking double cores. If one pass can be used to limit her attack, the opponent will be half successful. As for Xu ruoya’s pass, the problem is not very big, and she is not the main attacker, so the opponent’s impact on her pass is not significant. Besides, substitute Wu Han, a pass is OK. Her main problem now is poor defensive consciousness, especially when she has no ball, she has no clear sense of her defensive position. Zhang Changning’s problem with a pass is that he often loses his balance, which affects his attack after receiving a pass. In addition, she pays more attention to the opponent’s pursuit ball, so she often prepares to withdraw and receive a pass. As a result, if the opponent’s pre service area is not prepared enough, this performance is very obvious against Shanghai. It can be said that the Shanghai women’s volleyball team defeated Jiangsu mainly by breaking the first pass of Jiangsu Xu ruoya and Zhang Changning in the front area. These two should pay attention to this in future competitions.
How can Shanghai win Jiangsu? Jiangsu had to let Gong Xiangyu take over a pass. As a result, the power of the right attack was reduced. It can be inferred that in the later competitions, when other teams meet Jiangsu, they will probably adopt the strategy of sending Zhang Changning and blocking Gong Xiangyu. If Zhang Changning were to die, it would force Gong Xiangyu to take over the pass, and Jiangsu would basically lose. Therefore, how far can Jiangsu women’s volleyball team go? The first test factor is Zhang Changning’s first pass quality assurance. The biggest problem of Jiangsu women’s volleyball team is not Cai bin or Gong Xiangyu. As long as Zhang Changning’s pass doesn’t collapse, Jiangsu will be able to keep the two sides open, which is hard for other teams to cope with. And other teams know this in mind, then Zhang Changning’s first pass pressure in the later game is estimated to be great, how the result is, first look at the game against Shandong tonight.

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