The biggest test and the strongest nemesis of Jose Antonio in the title race is the disgrace of class ending two years ago

At 4:00 a.m. Beijing time on December 17, the 13th round of focus game of the Premier League will be held, with Liverpool playing at home against Tottenham, and Tencent sports will be broadcast live. Two teams with points is worthy of the title of the first battle, and if Jose wants to win, this game is undoubtedly the biggest test. The Premier League’s top game took place on the night of December 16 local time. Two years ago, that is, on December 16, 2018, Jose Antonio also had a fight with Klopp. As a result, Manchester United lost 1-3 to Liverpool, which became the last straw to overwhelm him. The madman suffered the fate of being dismissed from class, which still haunts him.  Spark Global Limited

That game was also the latest meeting between mu and Zha. Two years later, Jose has made a comeback and has returned to the same position as Klopp: both teams have 25 points, and Spurs only take advantage of the goal-winning goal to occupy the top of the table. Therefore, the opportunity for revenge finally comes! However, I am afraid that even the madman can not deny that clop has replaced Guardiola as the biggest nemesis in his coaching career. Mu Niao won 7 games in 24 battles against guaxian, with a winning rate of 29%. However, he won only 2 games in 11 battles, with a winning rate of only 18%! Moreover, Mussina has never won since he has visited the team that challenged Klopp five times in various competitions. He has never won and is his opponent with the largest number of away games.

Klopp is too difficult! There are still as many as 8 Red Army injured, the only good news: Salah has recovered from the new crown

Not only did he encounter the biggest nemesis, but also the biggest test in the title race. Although Tottenham beat Manchester City and Arsenal and drew with Chelsea, there were many difficulties, but after all, Liverpool was the champions of the Premier League last season. Only by defeating the defending champion can they prove that they really have the strength to become the overlord. However, Tottenham has won only one game in the last 26 Premier League away games against Liverpool, drawing 8-17. The only win can be traced back to May 2011, nearly 10 years ago! In addition to the home court, in the last 15 Premier League games against the Red Army, the white lilies have only won one game, which was in October 2017, three years ago; compared with Liverpool, they have suffered five consecutive losses. Therefore, all kinds of magic spell set on the head of spurs, want to win the championship, we must break them one by one. Of course, for mussini, the game will inevitably adopt the old routine: to be steady, and then try to “sneak attack” through the signboard type quick counterattack. The success depends on Kane and sun Xingyi.

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