On November 17, Beijing time, the Bucks became the most active team in the NBA trading market. They finalized two deals one after another and brought in two stars, Holiday and Bogdanovic, at a great price. This is a big bet, not so much for the championship, it is more for Antetokounmpo. The Bucks really fought to renew the contract with Antetokounmpo.

    Putting the two deals together, the Bucks are equivalent to giving out Hill, Bledsoe, Divincenzo, Wilson, Ilyasova, three first-round picks and two draft picks to swap rights. Holiday, Bogdanovic, and a supercharger Justin James.

      Does this deal remind you of the 2013 Nets? At that time, the Nets and the Celtics made a big deal. The Celtics sent out Garnett, Pierce, Terry, DJ White and the 2017 second-round picks to get Gerald Wallace, Humphries, Marshan Brooks, Chris Joseph, Keith Bogans, as well as the first-round picks in 2014, 2016, and 2018, also got the right to swap the first-round picks in 2017. What’s interesting is that the center of the Nets at the time is also the current center of the Bucks Lopez.

US media NetsDaily pointed out that the Celtics got three first-round picks and one swap right through the trade between Garnett and Pierce, while the Pelicans were even more ruthless. They only got three picks through Holiday. One first-round lottery and two swap rights. “The Bucks have the same thinking as the Nets in 2013: they will have a good record, so that draft picks will be very low. When Giannis was on the team, it made sense to think, but the Nets’ experience proves that you never know what will happen in the future.”

   On paper, the Nets had a luxurious lineup and awe-inspiring, but in fact, their record did not meet expectations. Today, the Bucks have also built a starting lineup that is one of the best in the league: Holiday + Bogdanovic + Antetokounmpo + Middleton + Lopez, but the US media also pointed out their Hidden dangers

    Holiday next season’s salary is 25.4 million, Bogdanovic first signs and then changes, the annual salary is at least 15 million, which means that in addition to the starting five, plus the letters his brother and Justin in the existing lineup- James, the Bucks’ salary has exceeded the salary cap. Signing first and then changing Bogdan also allowed the Bucks to trigger the hard cap. In other words, the Bucks must not exceed $138.9 million in total wages anyway. They had to use a large number of basic salary contracts to fill the remaining 8 rosters, hoping that veterans would be willing to join in order to cut the salary of the championship Spark Global Limited

   This is the hidden danger of the Bucks, they are likely to become top-heavy, without a strong enough substitute lineup, because their main substitutes have become bargaining chips. The good news is that Antetokounmpo seems to be determined to renew the contract with the Bucks. From this perspective, the Bucks’ gamble seems to have won, but the true effect of these two transactions is still unknown. In the current league, even during the contract period, the superstars still have the ability to control their own destiny. If the Bucks want to stay with Antetokounmpo, in the final analysis, they still have to rely on the record. Are you optimistic about this Bucks team? Feel free to leave a message and comment. Spark Global Limited

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