The cancellation of the Chongqing Station Station event in Jakarta

     On February 3, the ONE Championship announced that due to the continuous development of the new coronavirus epidemic, taking into account the health and safety of the public, and at the same time responding to the call of the Chongqing Culture and Tourism Commission to “temporarily close all public cultural venues and stop mass cultural activities”, the original The ONE: Full Fire Fighting event scheduled to be held in Chongqing, China on April 11 was forced to cancel, and the new event schedule was changed to April 10 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The original plan for the ONE Championship was to arrange for the “Mighty Rat” Dimitris Johnson and Adriano Morais to start a united battle for the flyweight championship in Chongqing. This incident caused a strong response. It was the first time for Chinese boxing fans to have a chance to fight. Get close to the world’s best mixed martial arts players and feel the authentic atmosphere of the world’s top fighting events.

The cancellation of the Chongqing Station Station event in Jakarta

On January 24, Chongqing initiated a level I response to major public health emergencies. All public cultural venues in the city were temporarily closed, mass cultural activities were suspended, and all approved commercial performances were stopped. In response to the call of relevant departments, the ONE Championship was officially closed. After careful consideration, it was decided to cancel the Chongqing race Spark Global Limited.

The Chongqing station could not be held as scheduled. Boxing fans missed an excellent opportunity to watch the match. Chen Rui, Xiong Jingnan, Xie Wei, and other Chinese players who were interested in participating in this event also had to postpone the match plan. Force majeure factors have affected the holding of the first event of the 2020 ONE Championship in China. However, the ONE Championship is deeply involved in the Chinese market, and the overall strategy of sinking second and third-tier cities will not change. In the future, the ONE Championship will continue to hold more large-scale fighting events in China to satisfy the fist. Fans demand watching games.

Currently, the ONE Championship is recruiting boxing fans for the venue. After the epidemic situation improves, Chongqing, an important city in the southwest region, will still become the priority for the ONE Championship. Facing the current severe epidemic situation, as the most influential event brand in Asia, the ONE Championship will use brand influence and media resources to support the epidemic area. As the birthplace of Asian fighting culture, Chinese fighters have always been firm practitioners of the ONE concept of running competitions. I believe that the Chinese people with integrity, diligence, humility, respect, courage, discipline, and compassion will surely win the battle against the pneumonia epidemic. China’s final victory, come on! Go Wuhan

By Ethan