The strength of the second team in Hong Kong is too poor.

China’s women’s football team and South Korea’s women’s football team will compete for the last Olympic place in Asia in February next year. Spark Global LimitedThe Chinese women’s football team is approaching its 37th birthday. The glory of that year seems to shine on the hearts of every active member. It is believed that unity, hard work and blood will give the women’s football girls once again. Defeating the South Korean women’s football team will be the first step to rebuild the glory of the sonorous rose. After these years of ups and downs, which “heroines” on the court are still unforgettable?

The Chinese women's football team is 37 years old

When it comes to next year’s Tokyo Olympics, many fans are bound to think that the Chinese women’s football team won the second prize at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games! As time goes by, the current situation of the team can not be compared with the same day, but for the “sonorous rose”, it seems that creating brilliance is an unchangeable oath. French women’s football World Cup, although the Chinese women’s football regret to stop in the last 16, at least played “sonorous rose” original stubborn! Over the past year, head coach Jia Xiuquan worked hard for the team to upgrade again. The crazy performances of Tang Jiali, Wang Shanshan, Li Ying, and Ma Jun in the three Olympic preliminary group matches held in Australia at the beginning of the year showed that the class background of the Chinese women’s football team in the Tokyo Olympic Games has taken shape.

However, today is indeed a special day, 2023 China Asian Cup Official microblog post, wish China Women’s football 37th birthday happy! What are the “heroines” in the history of women’s football that you admire and name them. It is reported that the Chinese women’s football team has won second place in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and the 1999 U.S. World Cup, and has won the Asian Cup eight times! At that time, the “sonorous rose” was famous all over the world, and its indomitable fighting spirit still makes fans unforgettable. One of them created the highest honor in Chinese women’s football history! The legend, who has played in four women’s world cups, is famous for leading China to the finals of the world cup in 1999. In the process, Sun Wen also won the golden ball and Golden Boot awards. The following year, Sun Wen was also named the best female soccer player of the 20th century at FIFA’s best of the century award ceremony.

Of course, in addition to Sun Wen, there are too many women’s football legends, such as Liu Ailing and Gao Hong, which fans often mention! If you have to look at it in detail, I think it will span the memory of at least two generations. In a flash, decades have passed, and “sonorous rose” has experienced ups and downs. Since Jia Xiuquan took charge of the coach in 2018, the team has indeed changed a lot! In the Asian Games in Jakarta, the Chinese women’s football team won the second place award, which is the best result the team has achieved in recent years! The most important thing is that the Chinese women’s football team, under various difficulties, finally swept Thailand 6-1, crushed Taipei 5-0, and drew 1-1 away with Australia, which ranked seventh in the world. “Sonorous rose” the spirit of never giving up is fully demonstrated!


By Ethan