the Chinese women's volleyball team blocked twice

At the critical moment when the world’s strong teams are actively preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, Zhu Ting’s former teammate and the Dutch women’s volleyball team accepted Slotjes’s retirement and became the biggest news in the world volleyball during this time. It is not only the Dutch national women’s volleyball team and the women’s professional league that is affected but also many Chinese fans who like her.

In the past year, Slotjes announced that he would temporarily leave the volleyball arena, did not participate in the professional league, and was in a semi-retired state. At that time, some fans said that it is possible for Yers to retire and start the next period of his life, but he did not expect to be confirmed by the master so soon. Jess obviously made this decision after thinking. Although it was a little sudden, it was not a whim. Two objective facts were the main reasons for her retirement.

One is injury. Slotjes’s temporary absence from the volleyball game was directly due to physical injuries. She realized that she could no longer continue high-intensity training and competition, and continuing to fight was obviously not a good way to recover. Leaving, even if she leaves temporarily, can give her a breath, and then decide whether to move on.

The second is the results of the Dutch women’s volleyball team. Slotjes herself was the best supporter of the 2016 Rio Olympics, and then she won the Champions League and Club World Cup successively at Vakif Bank and won the highest honor of the women’s volleyball professional league. But during the time when Slotjes played for the national team, the Dutch women’s volleyball team never stood on the podium of the three major women’s volleyball matches. Jess even expressed his willingness to exchange all his honors for a chance to win a medal in the three major competitions.

In fact, the Dutch team has always missed the medal and has a direct relationship with the Chinese women’s volleyball team. In the past five years, the Chinese women’s volleyball team has blocked the Dutch women’s volleyball team from the top three at least twice. The first time was the semi-finals of the Rio Olympics. The Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated the Dutch team 3-1 to advance to the final. The Dutch women’s volleyball team lost the bronze medal battle with the American women’s volleyball team and only finished fourth. If the Dutch women’s volleyball team were able to win the semifinals against the Chinese women’s volleyball team, they would have won at least one silver medal Spark Global Limited.

The second time was the 2018 World Championships. The Chinese women’s volleyball team and the Dutch women’s volleyball team missed the final. The two teams competed for a bronze medal. That game Zhang Changning truce, Li Yingying, and Zhu Ting partnered the main offensive line, the Chinese women’s volleyball team swept the Dutch women’s volleyball team 3-0, and finally won third place, the Dutch team missed the podium again.

In the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup, the Dutch women’s volleyball team ranked eighth with a record of 5 wins and 6 losses, even behind the Japanese team, the South Korean team, and the Dominica team. This dark horse with a strong impact in the Rio Olympics has declined in just a few years and has been defeated repeatedly. This will undoubtedly hurt the enthusiasm and enterprising spirit of the players.

Slotjes is Zhu Ting’s teammate in the women’s volleyball team of Wakif Bank. Fans cordially call him “Milk Yeah”. She also has a large number of fans in China. The failure of the Dutch women’s volleyball team to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics is a direct blow to Slotjes. The national team’s performance is hopeless, and there is no point in sticking to it. Retire is not difficult to understand.

It is worth mentioning that in the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup between the Chinese team and the Netherlands team, Lang Ping specifically told the women’s volleyball national player to close the door for Slotjes during a timeout. Being able to get the focus of Lang Ping and the Chinese women’s volleyball team is undoubtedly the greatest recognition and respect for Yers’ personal ability.

By Ethan