The comeback was less than 2 minutes

Most of the players who play in NBA are extroverted, able to work and funny. But there are also two special cases. They don’t like to talk, and they always hold back what they have, so that I always worry that they will be sick. One is Ross, who doesn’t like to talk, but always puts his emotions on his face. One or two sensational words from the fans always make him red in the eyes. The other is Lefu, who always carries the grievances in his heart.

The comeback was less than 2 minutes

Of course, there is also a significant difference between the two. When Ross is depressed, he is accompanied by his good brother Noah and a large number of fans, while Lefu can only break his teeth and swallow.



Three months have passed since December 28 last year when he was forced to withdraw from the competition for treatment due to a calf injury. During the three months of treatment, he always wanted to go back to the court. In his words, “it’s hard to recover, but I really want to play basketball. It’s a very important part of my life.”



He came back from the game. After ten minutes, he went off to rest. It can be seen that he doesn’t adapt to the environment on the field,


He only got 4 points and 1 rebound in 1 of 4 shots.



Maybe the body hasn’t warmed up yet. It doesn’t matter. The next game will be fine.

The next game was this morning. Cavaliers vs Eagles thought they would play more today. However, they only played for more than a minute. They were extremely ill and had to leave the game.

By Ethan